Dementia Care Perth

Dementia Care Perth

Home Caring supports people living with dementia in the comfort of their own homes.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, our team of local care professionals and nurses in Perth, Western Australia, can support you with everyday life, so you don’t have to move to a residential care facility before you’re ready.

As aged care providers, we provide government-funded Home Care Packages suited to your personal needs. We are passionate about helping people with dementia live with dignity, and enjoy quality of life for as long as possible.

Our services include:

  • Personalised home care plans
  • Personal care (e.g. help with getting dressed, bathing, toileting)
  • Meal preparation and nutrition support
  • Medication management
  • Assistance with mobility in daily activities
  • Transport to day activities and events
  • Companionship and social interaction
  • Cognitive and sensory activities for stimulation and engagement
  • Monitoring for safety in your home
  • Respite care for better carer wellbeing
  • Case management and care coordination
  • Modifications to your home (e.g. installing ramps and handrails)
  • Implementing behaviour management plans
  • Nursing care and health monitoring from a clinical team of health professionals
  • Allied health therapies (e.g. physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapist)
  • Exercises to help you maintain physical function and good health
  • Community engagement, recreational activities and relaxing hobbies
  • Specialised dementia care
  • Palliative care
  • Assistance to take part in meaningful activities
  • Care for complex needs

About our Team

Home Caring is dedicated to delivering professional and compassionate care for people living with dementia, and their families. We are passionate about enhancing the quality of life for everyone, through wholistic and personalised care in a secure environment.

Here’s what we offer:

Tailored care – we understand that one approach does not fit all, especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing. That’s why we adopt person-centred approach, taking the time to genuinely understand you or your loved one’s unique needs. Our support is based around your unique needs, to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Compassionate support – every one of our clients is treated with the same level of care and respect. Our dedicated teams provide compassionate and respectful care, ensuring that you feel valued and empowered in your daily life. We also make it a priority to involve you as an active participant in your care.

Local expertise – our locally-based team of carers and healthcare professionals undergo rigorous screening, comprehensive training, and have a wealth of experience in dementia care. We adhere to best practices and employ evidence-based programs for all types of care, so you receive the very best support.

Flexibility – as local providers of aged care, we offer flexible services on your terms. We accommodate your schedule and provide adaptable care that evolves as your needs change over time, so you don’t need to switch providers. We’ll work with you to create a routine that works for everyone.

Living with dementia, or caring for someone with dementia in Perth? Home Caring provides person-centred care for meaningful lives, with minimal aged care fees. To discuss your circumstances, please get in touch with our customer care team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dementia?
What are some of the early symptoms of dementia?
What support might someone with dementia need to live at home?
How do I receive government-funded care at home, if I have dementia?
How do I apply for a Home Care Package?
Can I use my Home Care Package to access respite care for my loved one with dementia?
What type of support at home can I access for my loved one with dementia?

What is dementia?

Dementia describes a range of cognitive disorders that impact memory, reasoning, thinking, and how you function mentally. One of the most common types is Alzheimer's disease, but the condition also exists as vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, and frontotemporal dementia.

There are a wide range of symptoms that can be caused by dementia, including memory lapses, impaired communication (e.g. struggling to maintain a conversation), difficulties in making decisions, disorientation, diminished visual perception, personality changes, and difficulty in accomplishing daily tasks, such as cooking, self-care, or financial management.

Diagnosing dementia involves a comprehensive evaluation of your medical history, cognitive assessments, neurological examinations, and brain imaging techniques like MRI or PET scans Although a cure doesn’t yet exist for most forms of dementia, certain treatments and interventions can help people manage their symptoms and enhance their overall quality of life.

Do you need local dementia home care in Perth? Home Caring provides Home Care Packages and specialist dementia care for people living with dementia. To learn more about dementia support services in Perth, please get in touch with our team. We’d love to help.

What are some of the early symptoms of dementia?

The early symptoms of dementia can differ depending on the specific type of dementia a person has, but there are some common signs that may indicate the onset of dementia. This includes:

  • Forgetfulness that disrupts daily life, such as forgetting important dates or events, repeatedly asking for the same information, or relying on memory aids more frequently
  • Difficulty with solving problems or making decisions, even for tasks they were previously able to handle
  • Becoming disoriented and losing track of dates, seasons, or the passage of time. This can cause the person to get lost when they are in a familiar place, or forget where they are or how they got there
  • Difficulty finding the right words, following or joining conversations, and repeating themselves frequently
  • Putting items in unusual places and being unable to retrace their steps to find them. This is different from simply misplacing things from time to time
  • Poor judgment or difficulty assessing situations, which can lead to decisions that are unsafe or socially inappropriate
  • Changes in personality – individuals may experience mood swings, become more irritable, anxious, or suspicious. Their personality may change, and they may withdraw from social activities
  • Disinterest in activities or hobbies that were once enjoyable and a decline in initiative to engage in new activities
  • Struggles with everyday tasks like cooking, managing finances, or using household appliances

That these symptoms may not necessarily mean someone has dementia, as they can also be caused by other medical conditions. If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, it's essential to see a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis. Early detection and intervention can make a big difference in managing the condition.

Are you looking for quality dementia support in Perth? Home Caring provides experienced professional dementia care, to help you or your loved one stay at home for longer. To find out more about our specialist dementia care program, please get in touch with our customer service team.

What support might someone with dementia need to live at home?

People with dementia living at home might need different kinds of help to stay safe and comfortable. Here are some common types of support:

  • Specialised care with bathing, getting dressed, and staying clean
  • Assistance in taking medicines correctly and on time
  • Preparing healthy meals and making sure the person eats well
  • Making the home safer by removing things that could cause accidents
  • Helping the person move around safely, like using a walker or wheelchair
  • Spending time with the person to keep them company and not feel alone
  • Playing games or doing activities that can help with memory
  • Helping with rides to the doctor or other places they need to go
  • Making sure the home is secure, so they don't wander away
  • Figuring out how to handle any challenging behaviour or mood changes
  • Giving a break to family members who are caregivers through respite care
  • Having therapists like physical or speech therapists to help with specific needs
  • Managing legal and money matters, like power of attorney
  • Giving help and advice to family members who are taking care of someone with dementia
  • Preparing for end-of-life decisions and making sure their wishes are known

Do you need in home dementia care in Perth? Home Caring offers quality dementia care at home in Perth suburbs with a personalised approach, so a person with dementia can live at home for as long as possible. To find out more, please get in touch with our customer care team.

How do I receive government-funded care at home, if I have dementia?

If you have been diagnosed with dementia, a Home Care Package, funded by the Australian government, can provide the support you need, so you can live at home for as long as possible and avoid moving into residential care before you need to.

A Home Care Package is a government subsidised program that provides a range of care and support services to help older individuals continue living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. The aim is to support people who may have difficulty with daily activities due to ageing, illness, disability, conditions like dementia, or other factors, allowing them to maintain their quality of life and remain in a familiar and comfortable environment. It provides a coordinated package of services, and can assist people who are finding the symptoms of dementia challenging.

Here are some of the services you can access through your Home Care Package:

  • Personal care to assist with essential daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, moving around, and other activities necessary for daily living
  • Nursing services to help with medication management, wound care, or other health care necessities.
  • Allied health services from professionals like occupational therapists, speech therapists, or physiotherapists who can provide specialist care tailored to the challenges associated with dementia.
  • Respite care so family members can take a break from their caring duties to recharge, or tend to other responsibilities
  • Making modifications to your home, enhancing safety, and creating a more dementia-friendly living environment.
  • Companionship, organised social outings, or activities designed to stimulate cognitive functions and provide companionship

Do you need a professional qualified dementia carer in Perth? Home Caring’s services are tailored to support your unique needs and preferences, ensuring you can continue to live comfortably and independently in your own home while receiving the necessary care and assistance. To find out more about our holistic approach, please get in touch.

How do I apply for a Home Care Package?

Accessing a government-funded Home Care Package starts with applying for an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment. This is a comprehensive evaluation to determine an person’s eligibility and level of need for government-funded aged care services. You can apply for an assessment by ringing up 1800 200 422, or by applying online on the My Aged Care website.

You can also apply for an ACAT assessment on behalf of a loved one. The person must be aged 65 years or older, or 50 and older who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander may also be eligible for aged care services.

If your application is accepted, an ACAT team member will contact you and schedule a home visit to discuss your needs. During this conversation, they may inquire about:

  • Your health conditions, medications, and any mobility or medical requirements you might have.
  • Your ability to perform daily tasks independently and where you might need assistance, such as dressing, bathing, or cooking
  • The extent of support you receive from family or friends
  • The safety and suitability of your home for your needs, including any necessary modifications
  • Potential medical services or nursing care you might require.
  • Your emotional wellbeing and any concerns you may have
  • The need for therapy services from professionals like physiotherapists, occupational therapists, or speech therapists
  • Cultural and language preferences to ensure culturally appropriate care
  • Your preferences and desires regarding your care and support

On approval for a Home Care Package, you can partner with a service provider to create a personalised care plan that meets your unique needs and preferences. Keep in mind that there may be waiting lists for Home Care Packages, so it's advisable to apply as early as you can.

Home Caring provides quality Home Care Packages from local care professionals, so you can enjoy quality of life. To find out more about dementia care at home in Perth, please get in touch with our customer care team.

Can I use a Home Care Package to get respite care for my loved one with dementia?

Yes, you can access respite care services through a Home Care Package. This provides temporary relief for primary carers, allowing them to take a break while someone else takes over the care responsibilities for their loved one.

To discuss adding respite care to your loved one's care plan, start by scheduling a meeting or conversation with your case manager, so you can talk to them about your loved one’s needs. During the discussion, ask about the available respite care options, such as in-home respite or temporary residential respite. Your case manager will assess your needs and work with you to incorporate respite care services that align with your loved one's care goals and preferences. They can also guide you through the process of accessing respite care in your loved one’s Home Care Package, so they receive the necessary support while you take a well-deserved break.

Looking for dementia care in Perth? Home Caring provides personalised dementia care support for people in the community. To find out more, please get in touch with our friendly customer support team.

How can I ensure I’m supported if I’m caring for a family member with dementia?

Caring for someone with dementia can be emotionally and physically challenging. It's crucial for carers to prioritise self-care to provide the best possible support to their loved one and maintain their well-being. Here are nine tips on how to get support and take care of yourself when caring for someone with dementia:

  • Seek information – educate yourself about dementia and its progression, as understanding the condition can help you anticipate and manage challenges effectively.
  • Build your support network – connect with family members, friends, and support groups for caregivers of individuals with dementia. Sharing experiences and advice can be invaluable.
  • Access respite care – arrange for respite care to give yourself regular breaks. Respite care services can provide temporary relief from caregiving responsibilities, allowing you to recharge.
  • Set realistic expectations – dementia is a progressive condition. Adjust your expectations and be patient with yourself and your loved one.
  • Stay organised – maintain a schedule and use tools like calendars and reminders to keep track of appointments, medications, and daily routines.
  • Don’t forget to look after yourself – dedicate time to self-care activities, such as exercise, meditation, hobbies, or spending time with friends. Caring for yourself is essential for your mental and physical health.
  • Get help if you need it – don't hesitate to seek professional guidance from therapists or counsellors to manage the emotional challenges that can arise from caregiving.
  • Stay connected – maintain social connections outside of caregiving. Isolation can lead to burnout, so engage in social activities that bring you joy.
  • Respect your limits – recognise when you need assistance or when it may be time to consider other care options, such as assisted living or memory care facilities. Your well-being matters too.

Are you looking for dementia care in Australia? Home Caring provides experienced dementia carer support in Perth, to provide quality support. To find out more, please get in touch.

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