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Are you looking for in home care in Altona? If so, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to turn. Here at Home Caring, we’re here to help. We’re a care provider operating in Altona, Melbourne, with a difference. Founded just a few years ago, we saw an opportunity to provide residents with a much higher quality of care than was previously available. Our approach has made us one of the most popular NDIS service providers in the area.

With Home Caring, you can get a high level of personalized care for you or your loved one. We tailor all of our aged care services to the needs of the client, offering a wide variety of specialist services. Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility you need to create the best possible care experience. Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation consultation, or continue reading below to find out about the specialist care that we offer.

Our In Home Care Services In Altona
The goal of our in-home care services is to enable people to retain their independence, dignity and quality of life. We, therefore, provide a host of specialist services, including dementia care, disability care, domiciliary care, respite care and palliative care, tailored to the needs of our clients. All of our services are flexible and designed on an individual basis. 

Domiciliary Care in Altona

Our domiciliary care services in Altona are for seniors and disabled. The purpose of the care is to enable you or your loved one to continue living in your home environment in the most comfort possible. 

At Home Caring, though, we believe that care is a holistic service. While providing medication and personal care is essential, professional care work, in our view, should also encompass intangible things, like companionship, emotional support, and assistance living the best life possible. 

As you’ll discover below, our care services go well beyond the basic provision of elderly care. We strive to ensure that our clients can attain the best lives possible by providing transportation assistance, cooking meals to their specifications, and even providing spiritual guidance through challenging times. Home Caring, therefore, is a different kind of care services provider. Our 200 highly trained staff are committed to the individual in need. Our work is people-driven, not process-led. 

Respite Care in Altona

If you are a full-time carer, the demands of your work can sometimes be overwhelming. Here at Home Caring, we believe that everyone deserves a break occasionally to do something other than caring for a loved one. That’s why we offer a respite home care packages, designed to slot in right where you left off. 

Many family or friend care workers assist their loved ones seven days a week, every day of the month. It’s relentless work and requires you to be on the go, meeting their needs of another person all the time. 

It’s crucial for both you and the person you care for, however, to have a break from time to time. There are undoubtedly things that you would like to do, were you to have the time. Many people use our respite senior care in Altona, for instance, to give them a chance to rest, go on holiday, meet up with friends, or pursue a hobby. 

The great thing about our respite care is that it continues right from where you left off. We aim to emulate the care that you offered your loved one down to the smallest detail. Get in touch with us today for a consultation and find out how we can provide respite care, freeing you up to do other things. 

Live In Care In Altona

The majority of domiciliary care is delivered by care workers who periodically arrive at a person’s house, assist, and then leave. There are times, however, when live-in care is necessary to ensure that an individual can retain their independence. Live-in care is where a carer remains with the client in their home at all times, providing assistance as and when it is needed. Thus, live-in care is an excellent option for those with dementia, disabilities, or severe mobilities issues. 

Palliative Care in Altona

Many residents in Altona have received a terminal diagnosis from their doctor and require palliative care. At Home Caring, we understand that providing care when a person has a life-limiting disease can profoundly challenging. All our carer have extensive training in managing clients who require palliative care and ensuring that they can live their lives with as much dignity and independence as possible. 

At Home Caring, we understand that a life-limiting diagnosis doesn’t mean that a person’s life is over. Many people live for a long time after receiving a terminal diagnosis from their doctor and, therefore, need long-term, quality care. 

Our carers provide palliative support, including pain management, comfort, and spiritual services where required. Our goal is to help ensure that the client can continue to spend time surrounded by family, for as long as medically possible. 

Dementia Care in Altona

People with dementia have complex needs. In the early stages of the condition, many people can live independently, cooking for themselves, cleaning, and arranging their transport. Over time, however, as the disease progresses, individuals need more support. 

At Home Caring, our carers are trained to provide a high level of assistance to clients with varying degrees of dementia. Our staff undergo specialist training that enables them to comprehend the condition better and understand the techniques for managing it. 

People who have dementia must receive regular stimulation. Home Caring, as part of its holistic approach, provides essential social interactions for those with dementia, as well as general medical support, as required. 

Disability Care in Altona

Disability care, like dementia care and palliative care, requires the help of specialists. The needs of those with disabilities can be complex. 

At Home Caring, our goal is to provide you or your loved one with the highest level of independence possible. We don’t take a generic approach. All of our services are tailor-made to the specific requirements of the client. After all, everybody’s needs are different.

As part of our holistic service, we can assist in getting NDIS funds to provide additional support. We also help those with disabilities live as full a life as possible, including going shopping, preparing meals, and offering access to social activities. Just discuss your needs with us today, and we can incorporate them into a care package. 

Why Choose Home Caring For Elderly Care In Altona?

Home Caring is an NDIS service provider with a difference. Here is what makes us different from regular private care providers.

A Team That You Can Trust

The provision of elderly care, especially personal care, can put clients in a vulnerable situation. You need to be able to trust your care provider 100 per cent. At Home Caring, we have robust safeguarding controls in place to ensure that you or your loved one is perfectly safe during the provision of care. We background check all of our staff and ensure that we have references that we can check to make sure that they are of good character. We are also Aged Care Approved.

We also look for positive traits in our team too. Our care workers are hand-selected for their commitment to the individuals they serve and their willingness to go the extra mile. 

Personalised Home Care Packages

At Home Caring, we believe that you should be able to personalize your care package in any way that you like. That’s why we offer full flexibility with our services, letting you specify the level of care that you’d like, right down to the smallest details. 

Care, in our view, should be individual. Every person has different tastes and preferences, and so their care plan should reflect that. Some individuals want companionship, good conversation and the provision of medicine while others need help around the house, personal care, and meal preparation. Others still need people who can offer them the support that they need to get out of the home and enjoy an active and fruitful social life. 

Overnight Care

Not all care services offer overnight care, but we do. With us, clients can get care throughout the night, alongside high-quality assistance with going to the toilet, taking medications and managing symptoms. 
24 Hour Care
Some of the people we serve may require 24-hour care. The way our 24-hour care services work is simple. Usually, three or four different carers will rotate on a daily and weekly basis, providing continual care assistance for you and your loved one around the clock. 

24-hour care is vital for people with certain medical conditions who would struggle to remain independent otherwise. Our goal, as always, is to assist so that you or your loved one can continue living in their home and enjoying the same quality of life as they always have. 

Open Communication Channels

We want to make communicating your needs as simple and straightforward as possible. We are, therefore, available throughout the day and via email. We encourage all our clients to get in touch with us to discuss the provision of services. 

Get Help With Securing Government Funding

For many people, live-in care is a substantial outlay. You may, however, be eligible for government support. 

As a provider of NDIS Support Coordination home care in Altona, we can help you apply for a government grant to cover the cost of your care. We help with filling in forms, asking for the correct level of care and much, much more.

Arrange A Consulation To Discuss Senior Care In Altona

If you’re interested in benefiting from our services, then we would like to welcome you to a no-obligation, free consultation. 

The purpose of the consultation is to provide more detail about the type of care services that you need and how we can help. During the meeting, we’ll discuss medical conditions, food preferences, help required around the house, medication, and cooking instructions. We’ll also let you tell us what you’d like from your care service provider, including the types of care workers you’d like to provide aged care in Altona.

While we are a home care NDIS provider, our goal is ultimately to improve client quality of life, through whatever means we can provide. Care services, in our view, are about more than helping a person get washed and dressed. It’s about delivering companionship, serving their needs, providing them with delicious food that they love, and enabling them to leave the house and interact with friends. Care can be something as complicated as hoisting a person out of bed or as simple as watching TV. 

With us, you can discuss care requirements is as much detail as you like. We will then create a care plan, showing you or your loved one what you can expect if you decide to work with us. If you need respite care, we can take your existing care plan to ensure perfect continuity from the moment you stop providing care. 

Get Bespoke Home Care Packages in Altona Today

Our bespoke care packages allow you to specify practically every component of your care package. Here is just a small sample of the flexibility that we offer. 

  • We offer companionship. Our carers will happily provide company for you or your loved one, engaging in conversation where appropriate, depending on the personality and needs of the client. 
  • Home Caring provides fingernail and foot services 
  • Our carers can prepare individual meals for clients, allowing them to eat their favorite foods
  • Personal grooming and dressing assistance
  • Help to get out of the house, including meeting up with friends and going to the shops

Get In Touch With Home Caring

If you need home care services for you or a loved one, then get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you. With us, you can get personalized services, custom-built for your needs. A significant improvement in your quality of life could be just a phone call away.

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