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Compassionate home care can revolutionise lives, and we’re committed to providing tailored home care packages in a wide range of circumstances. If you or a loved one require a little extra help at home, Home Caring can provide all the support you need.

From housekeeping services and practical help to in-home dementia care, NDIS and palliative care, our dedicated team can offer unrivalled care and support. By taking the needs of clients into account, we’re able to create a dedicated care package, just for them. 

In-Home Care in Neutral Bay

In-home care is a fantastic way to retain your independence and access the help you need. In many cases, home care can even be government funded. With an ACAT assessment conducted by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and a nurse, you can find out how much of your home case in Neutral Bay will be paid for by the government.

However, you needn’t rely solely on government funding to access the assistance you need. As well as being beneficial for clients and helping to maintain their independence, home care in Neutral Bay can be a cost-friendly way to access aged or elderly care. With a range of options and services, you can tailor your in-home care in Neutral Bay to your specific needs and requirements.

At Home Dementia Care

Caring for someone with dementia can be overwhelming, which is why professional in-home dementia care in Neutral Bay is so popular. With qualified and trained professionals, we’re able to provide exceptional levels of home care for clients with any type of dementia. From practical assistance, such as picking up medications, to providing personal care and round-the-clock domiciliary care, our supportive team can provide the help you need.

For many families, a diagnosis of dementia can be heart-breaking, but there are effective ways to minimise the impact of the illness. With professional assistance, you can ensure that your loved one receives the top-quality care they need, and you can also reduce the pressures on immediate and extended family members.

Disability Care at Home

Individuals with disabilities can have a wide range of care needs, so we’re sure to provide a unique care package for every client. Whether you qualify for government-funded care or you’re self-funding your home care in Neutral Bay, we’ll ensure you have a bespoke care package in place.

Providing short-term or on-going support to people with disabilities, Home Caring can assist with specific tasks and/or complete care. If a loved one is able to be independent at home but needs assistance when out and about, for example, we can provide a qualified home carer to accompany them on trips. Alternatively, our trained carers can be on hand to assist clients who require assistance in the home as well, whether that’s help with cooking and cleaning, personal care or behaviour support.

As an NDIS approved service provider, we can help to ensure you’re getting the most out of your funding, and that your care package is enabling you to live your life fully. With NDIS support coordination, we can determine which services would benefit the individual and ensure they’re included in the relevant care package.

If clients would benefit from being involved in community-led initiatives, for example, our carers are able to accompany them. Similarly, if clients want to take on some form of employment or volunteer work, our dedicated team can help to find the right opportunities and assist with the transition.

Caring for people with a range of disabilities and providing outstanding disability care in Neutral Bay, Home Caring is committed to delivering the care that’s needed, whatever that may be.

Respite Care in Neutral Bay

Disability care or elderly care in Neutral Bay doesn’t have to be on-going. If you simply want to make use of a qualified carer on a temporary basis, respite care in Neutral Bay may be just what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re providing at home care for a loved one and need to take some time off? Whether you’re heading off on holiday, taking on extra responsibilities at work or simply giving yourself a much-needed break, home respite care will give your loved one the support they need, as well as affording you peace of mind that they’re receiving exceptional care in your absence.

Of course, respite care can also be a great way to determine whether at home elderly care or aged in care in Neutral Bay is right for you and your family. Many older people are resistant to the idea of accepting care, particularly if they feel their independence is threatened. With respite care, however, individuals get to experience the benefits of having extra assistance and this can be effective in encouraging them to accept help on a longer-term basis.

One-to-One senior care in Sydney

Senior care can take many different forms, depending on the needs of clients and their families. In fact, our senior care packages are created on a one-to-one basis, to ensure that every client has the support they need. With at home care in Neutral Bay, your carer is able to focus their undivided attention on the client, which provides a safer and more stimulating environment. When providing one-to-one care in Neutral Bay, carers are able to deliver an exceptional standard of care and this ensures all of our clients get the support, compassion and attention they deserve.

Home care services in Neutral Bay can be particularly beneficial for people as they get older. Moving into a residential care setting can be disorienting and traumatic, particularly if individuals feel the decision to move has been taken out of their hands. With home care packages in Neutral Bay, however, clients are able to stay in their homes for as long as they wish.

The sense of familiarity and continuity provided by domiciliary care in Neutral Bay can be particularly advantageous for seniors who may be experiencing the onset of dementia. When individuals are diagnosed with any type of dementia, major life changes can exacerbate their symptoms. Due to this, medical professionals may recommend that you avoid making major lifestyle modifications during this time. Home senior care in Neutral Bay provides the perfect balance of care and independence, enabling individuals to remain in a familiar environment whilst still having their physical, emotional and practical needs met.

What does aged care involve?

Aged care in Neutral Bay includes a variety of services and support packages. With a team of qualified nurses and carers, we’re able to provide all the help you require. Whether that’s specialised dementia care, assistance when leaving the house or attendance at medical appointments, we’ll be on hand to provide the help that’s needed.

Practical help

As people age, it’s often the day-to-day activities which they find trickiest. Popping to the shops to stock up on food and drink may not be as easy as it once was, for example. With a dedicated carer, however, this is something our clients don’t need to worry about. If individuals are unable to leave the home or are reluctant to go out, your home care package in Neutral Bay can include shopping services. Alternatively, if individuals still want to complete these tasks, a qualified carer can accompany them and provide practical help as and when it’s needed.

Personal care

Older people may have mobility issues, which can make bathing and showering difficult. Similarly, any balance issues or disabilities can make it dangerous for individuals to try and navigate the bathroom without assistance. Fortunately, personal care in Neutral Bay is available to everyone who needs it.

Compassionate nurses are carers can be on hand to assist with washing, showering, foot care, hair care, dressing and grooming, as well as providing help with continence aids. When delivered in a home setting, personal care services ensure individuals can use their own facilities and retain as much privacy and independence as possible. With the extra assistance offered by a carer, however, individuals can maintain a regular routine in a safe environment.

Medical assistance

Elderly clients may have a range of medical conditions they’re receiving treatment for. In addition to taking daily medications, clients may also have regular medical appointments, for example. Furthermore, if a loved one has experienced medical issues in the past, they may have on-going symptoms or side-effects.

Home Caring nurses and carers are adept at providing appropriate and reliable medical assistance when it’s needed. From providing respite care when patients are discharged from hospital to delivering on-going medication management and support, home care services in Neutral Bay can be modified to ensure the client’s medical needs are met.

Furthermore, when nurses and carers deliver on-going in home care in Neutral Bay, they may notice changes in the client’s condition before anyone else, and this can be crucial in accessing any additional medical treatment which may be required. If a nurse is providing wound care at home, for example, they will be able to advise patients if there are any signs of infection and ensure that further treatment is sought. Swift action often minimises any medical intervention required and can help to minimise hospital stays and in-patient treatments, so private care in Neutral Bay can help to ensure individuals stay safe and healthy in their own homes.

Emotional support

For many seniors, loneliness can be a distressing and demotivating experience. With family members often tied up with work commitments or caring for young children, it can be difficult to devote as much attention to older relatives as you’d like to. Our compassionate and trustworthy carers provide individuals with companionship, thus alleviating any sense of isolation or loneliness. With stimulating crafts and games, individuals can remain passionate about their interests and hobbies, and this can help to keep their minds sharp too.

For many people, the companionship and conversation provided by home care in Neutral Bay is a vital lifeline. Dedicated to ensuring our clients have a stimulating and fulfilling quality of life, our nurses and carers ensure that their emotional and psychological needs are met, as well as any physical, practical or medical needs are satisfied.

Overnight Care in Neutral Bay

In some instances, individuals may function fairly well during the day but require extra assistance at night. Similarly, a loved one may be able to provide care during the day but need professional support overnight. With overnight care in Neutral Bay, a nurse or carer can be present throughout the night, to provide care and support as and when it’s needed. This may include medication preparation, personal care and/or support for clients who may become disoriented or confused during twilight or night-time hours.

For many clients and their familiars, knowing that a professional carer or nurse is present throughout the night gives an added sense of security. Delivering the peace of mind you need to relax, clients and their families can get the sleep they need, safe in the knowledge that their loved one has access to one-to-one support during the night.

Palliative Care in Neutral Bay

For individuals who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or who are coming to the end of their life, at home palliative care in Neutral Bay can provide the calm and peaceful support they require. Many people would prefer to approach the end of their life at home, in their own environment, instead of in a clinical setting. With experienced palliative care nurses, Home Caring is able to provide outstanding palliative care to patients, regardless of age or diagnosis.

In addition to assisting with the medical aspects of palliative care, having an experienced nurse present can be comforting and reassuring for families and loved ones, as well as for the patient. Able to provide support, information and comfort, palliative care nurses will remain with the patient throughout their end of life journey.

Home care services in Neutral Bay

Committed to delivering tailored home care services in Neutral Bay, we treat all our clients with the compassion, care and respect they deserve. To find out more about home care in Neutral Bay or to arrange a free care consultation, contact us today.

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