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Home Care Durack

Home Care Durack

Home Caring is proud to offer a range of in-home care services in Durack. We’ve been serving the Brisbane area for many years, and our home care packages are the best option for those in need. We understand the importance that home care services have on people’s lives, and we want to provide services that you can trust.

High-Quality Home Care in Durack

Our mantra revolves around the idea that every single person deserves the highest level of care possible. As such, we don’t cut corners, we don’t offer generic services; we provide each person with a tailored home care package that suits their needs. This ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained, leading to exceptional results. 

The team at Home Caring can help with so many different things. We know that two people may require utterly different home care services. Someone might need assistance with ordinary everyday activities – like making food – while others need slightly less support. No matter what, we approach each person and find the best way to make their lives better. 

What Can We Do?

We provide domiciliary care in Durack for anyone that needs an extra bit of help. Our team is capable of tackling a range of tasks and services depending on the individual needs of our clients. We’re committed to offering the best home care packages in Durack, and here’s what we can do for you:

Aged Care Durack

Aged care is support provided to elderly people who are still living in their homes. We know that life can get harder as you get older. Specific tasks can’t be completed on your own, and you need some extra help on a daily basis. 

We also understand that many elderly people don’t want to leave home and go to a caring institution. The thought of being at home gives them a sense of independence, and we agree! That’s why we bring typical care home services into the home. 

The exact level of support we provide can vary from person to person. But, as part of our aged care in Durack, we can offer the following help: 

  • Activities Of Daily Living: Our carers will help your loved one with any activities that are part of their daily lives. This includes getting out of bed in the morning, walking around, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and so on. Your loved one may only need help with one or two of these things, but that’s perfectly fine. The service is tailored to them; we’ve only there when we’re needed!
  • Instrumental Activities Of Daily Living: We also offer support for various activities that somebody needs to do to help them remain independent. This includes money management support, taking medications, shopping, and helping them with phone calls. 

Our aged care services don’t stop there – we provide support for non-essential activities too. For example, we can tend to your loved one’s garden, tidy their home, and do many other tasks that they’re unfit to do. 

We know that age can take its toll on anybody, but that doesn’t mean someone should have to leave their home. With aged care services in Durack, we ensure that your loved one enjoys a better standard of living in the comfort of their home. 

Dementia Care Durack

As well as senior care in Durack, we provide more specialist services for people with different problems. Dementia affects a lot of elderly people in Brisbane all the time. It’s a condition that means the individual needs extra help because their brain doesn’t work how it used to. They become more and more forgetful, and dementia can sadly lead to a breakdown in cognitive abilities too. 

That’s why we offer dementia care in Durack as part of our elderly care services. Home Caring can support your loved one with the following dementia care services: 

  • Assistance Shopping: Someone suffering from dementia may lose the ability to go shopping for groceries. As such, our carers step in to take care of this for them. We can create shopping lists, make food menus, and keep your loved one’s supplies updated at all times. 
  • Cognitive Assistance: Dementia can slowly reduce someone’s ability to perform basic cognitive functions. However, with the right support, you can slow down this process and keep a dementia patient as healthy as possible. We offer cognitive assistance to ensure that your loved one continues to maintain their skills for far longer than expected. This makes them feel more confident and happy, raising their self-esteem. 
  • General Household Assistance: We also tackle all other elements of general household assistance. We can tend to the garden for someone with dementia, prepare their meals, and even help them walk their dog. 

As home care experts, we appreciate that dementia is a variable disease. In the early stages, someone may just have issues remembering things – like items on their shopping list. But, as it develops, it starts to make life much harder for the individual. With our dementia care in Durack, we can alter the level of support your loved one receives. They can start off with minor support, but our helpful carers will be on-hand to keep improving the support as the condition worsens. Regardless, we help them deal with dementia and continue to live a long and happy life. 

Disability Care Durack

Many people in Durack are trying to live their lives while coping with a disability. So, we provide bespoke disability care for people who need some extra help. Disabilities can be temporary, but they can also be permanent. No matter what, Home Caring is here to ensure that all disabilities are supported. 

We can help with the following disabilities: 

  • Stroke
  • Paralysis
  • Learning difficulties
  • Motor neurone disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Loss of a limb
  • Inability to walk (both temporary and permanent)

If you’re looking for the best disability care in Durack, then you’re in the right place. Our home care packages are built around each person and their disability. We talk to them to see what they struggle with the most, which allows us to design a package that suits their every need. From here, we can offer a plethora of support services to make their lives a little bit easier. 

Respite Care Durack

The majority of people we care for have received assistance and support from family and friends. This is the natural course of action when a loved one needs help. You want to be there for them, so you start caring for them. 

However, we know how demanding it can be to look after someone. Your life becomes one big blur as you try and care for your loved one while still caring for yourself and the rest of your family. Many people decide to quit their jobs, losing their income, just so they can look after a family member. 

As a consequence, we’ve introduced respite care in Durack to help people in this situation. In essence, respite care is where we take things out of your hands and look after your loved one. It gives you free time to look after yourself and pursue other things in life. The person you care for will now get a more comprehensive service, with a team of carers looking after them all the time. 

The sad reality is that many family caregivers suffer from stress and depression. This is because of the significant strain that gets put on your mental health. Caring for anyone is a hard task – let alone when it’s someone you love. Many people are worried about seeking respite care as they feel like they’re giving up on their loved ones. Don’t think like this! If anything, you’re helping them massively. Home Caring can handle more tasks than you and offer a deeper level of support. Your loved one stays at home, so you can still see them whenever you want. But, you have a weight lifted off your shoulders, meaning you can reduce your stress. 

Palliative Care Durack

Sadly, lots of people are diagnosed with terminal diseases in Durack. When this happens, they need a special type of care to make them comfortable. Palliative care does just that – we want to make your loved one feel at ease, and improve the quality of the life they have left. Commonly, this type of care is reserved for individuals with any life-limiting diagnoses – such as cancer or motor neurone disease. 

Our team focuses on two main services as part of our palliative care in Durack: 

  • Support for the symptoms of the condition/disease
  • Additional personal care

We help your loved one deal with the symptoms that they face, making them more manageable and less troublesome. This can help ease any pain they feel and make them more comfortable. People with life-limiting conditions may also need personal care in Durack. This involves all aspects of helping with their personal hygiene; bathing, grooming, going to the toilet, etc. 

Watching someone you love suffer from a terminal disease is utterly heartbreaking. Home Caring will help in any way possible to ensure your loved one gets as much support as they need. 

24-Hour Care Durack

We pride ourselves on the availability of our care services. As such, we can provide 24-hour care for your loved ones. We’ll make sure there are team members at their house all throughout the day. This is recommended for severe cases where somebody requires constant support. 

Alongside this, we can also offer live-in care in Durack too. This is similar to 24-hour care, but live-in care means that the carers will live with your loved one. 

Lastly, we can also offer overnight care for those that need it. Some individuals mainly need help at night and in the morning. With this option, you ensure that a carer is there to help your loved one get to sleep, then help them get back up in the morning. 

NDIS Provider

Home Caring is proud to be NDIS service providers in Durack and the surrounding Brisbane area. The NDIS is designed to help individuals who have disabilities. It can help cover the costs of some types of support, and we can help you understand all of this. We offer NDIS support coordination to help you make the most out of this incredible service. 

As an NDIS certified company, this means that we are: 

  • Approved to carry out aged care services
  • Full background checked – this applies to all members of our company
  • Continuously updating our training to stay in-the-know
  • Using in-depth interview techniques to only higher the best staff

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Home Caring to deliver private care in Durack? Well, here are some compelling reasons to give us a call: 

  • NDIS Approved, meaning we reach the highest standards possible
  • We can help you get funding for care provision – our team will guide you through the government application process to get funding for home care provisions. This includes helping you get your Home Care Assessment, then showing you how to apply for the funding. 
  • We offer a full variety of care services that are tailored to each person’s needs. This includes specialist services like dementia care, disability care, palliative care, and respite care. 
  • All of our carers are highly experienced and have undergone years of training. They have the perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness, ensuring that your loved one is treated right. 

Get Home Care in Durack Today

If you’re looking for any kind of home care service in Durack, then contact us today. We will support you with a plethora of fantastic home care packages that are built around your needs. Every person is treated as an individual, and you can customize the packages to be sure that they get the help they need and deserve. 

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

We know that there are many things to take into account before you pay for home care in Durack. So, you can book a free consultation with us to discuss the many requirements. You have no obligation to go ahead and use our service, we just want to show you what we can do. The consultation will help draw up a care plan that lets you know what we’ll do and how much it costs. 

Click on the button below to book your free consultation or call us to ask any additional questions.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.