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Home Care Deer Park

Home Care Services In Deer Park

If you’re looking for home care services in Deer Park, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Home Caring, we’re committed to providing exceptional domiciliary care, no matter what your needs. 

Home Caring is a client-led organisation. We believe in offering you as much choice over the type of service that you or your loved one receives. We can provide a host of services ranging from 24-hour care to intermittent support. We also offer a range of specialist in-home care services, including dementia care, disability care, respite care, palliative care and much much more. 

All of our home care packages are bespoke, allowing you to specify the level of service that either you or your loved one requires. We’re always here to help. Our focus is to ensure that our clients in Deer Park can experience the highest quality of life possible while maintaining exceptional safety.

In Home Care In Deer Park 

At Home Caring, we provide a wide variety of in-home care services to senior and disabled residents in Deer Park. Unlike many aged care organisations, we believe strongly in providing a high level of personalisation in our care. Our goal is to tailor packages to not only the medical needs of the client but their emotional and spiritual concerns too. 

Ours is a holistic service, helping in whatever capacity that we can to ensure that you or the person you love can maintain their independence for as long as possible. We offer a range of services, including personal care, help around the home, administration of medication, and companionship, all designed to help improve quality of life and bring joy to all those with whom we interact. 

People receiving care need carers who will listen to their needs and adapt to their circumstances. At Home Caring, this is precisely what we do. Our consultative approach enables you to customize your experience, using as much or as little care assistance as you want. With us, you have an entirely flexible platform, allowing you to retain the maximum independence and dignity possible for you or your loved one.

Dementia Care In Deer Park

Dementia is a progressive mental condition that affects many people living in Deer Park. Like many degenerative diseases, it becomes increasingly severe over time. Many people with dementia can continue living independently in their homes for many years and can benefit from trained care professionals who understand their needs. 

At Home Caring, our team of carers is ideally positioned to provide you or your loved one with dementia care support. Our team is specially trained to meet the needs of those with dementia. We help with issues such as cleaning, washing, preparing meals, tidying the home, providing medication and helping to ensure comfort. While some clients with dementia will eventually need to move on to a home, we work hard to ensure that they can retain their independence for as long as possible. 

Disability Care Deer Park

The needs of those with disabilities can be profound. That’s why Home Caring offers dedicated care workers who can provide professional disability support to residents of Deer Park with disability issues. 

We assist those with disabilities according to the specification set out in the care package. Sometimes, clients require minimal assistance, such as getting in and out of vehicles. Other clients have more intense needs, depending on the severity of the disability. 

As NDIS service providers, we can help you apply for funding if you or your loved one has a disability. Furthermore, we can begin providing support through private channels immediately. Our goal is to ensure that you or your loved one can achieve a better quality of life, have better experiences, and continue to develop and thrive as an individual. 

Respite Care In Deer Park

At Home Caring, we’re big believers in the value of respite care. Respite care is when a qualified professional from Home Caring takes over your regular care duties, providing you with a break. 

From time to time, every carer in Deer Park needs a break. Caring for a friend or relative is a full-time job, and there are no days (or nights) off. It’s something that you have to do, day after day, to ensure that the person you care for is well looked after. 

Sometimes, though, you need a break so that you can do something else. People use our respite care services for all kinds of reasons, from providing extra time to pursue their hobbies to going on holiday. However you choose to spend your time off, you can do so safe in the knowledge that your loved one is getting a high standard of care from us. 

Our goal at Home Caring is to pick up where you left off. Just tell us your loved one’s preferences and routines, and we’ll recreate them in your absence. 

Palliative Care In Deer Park

Palliative care is a special kind of care service for people who have received a terminal diagnosis. It’s important to note that palliative care is not necessarily short term. People who have received terminal diagnoses can go on to live for many months and years. 

Our palliative care services are designed to ensure that you or your loved one receives the highest possible standard of care following a terminal diagnosis. We understand that being told that you or your loved one is going to pass away can be an emotionally challenging time. Home Caring, therefore, provides both psychological, emotional and spiritual support, helping to make the most of whatever time remains. 

Home Caring also focuses on the nuts and bolts of palliative care. From a medical perspective, end-of-life care is the most demanding. Our carers, therefore, undergo rigorous training to prepare them for the realities of assisting somebody who has reached the end of their life. We focus on providing pain relief, comfort, support, medication and access to religious services if required. 

Live In Care In Deer Park

Many people want to live in their homes for as long as they can and maintain their independence. Live-in care is a type of care service from Home Caring that provides a full-time care provider who stays at the client’s home for as long as they’re needed. 

We offer two kinds of live in care: full-time and part-time. Full-time live in care is often for individuals who do not have any family to support them or whose needs require specialist support. A full-time live-in package, therefore, is excellent for providing around the clock support, usually provided by several care workers who operate on rotation. 

Part-time live in care is ideal for setups where a family member is available for some parts of the week and requires a professional carer to take over when they’re not there. 

Government Funding For Domiciliary Care In Deer Park

Home Caring is an NDIS Support Coordination home care Deer Park. This status means that we can help you get funding for the services that you may need from the government. 

Home Caring serves many private clients in the Deer Park area. We are approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Home Caring Packages. You can use both of these to improve the quality of care for you or your loved ones. 

If you’re not sure how to apply to the government for a home care package, we can help with that too. As an NDIS provider of aged care in Deer Park, we can show you how to complete the forms, submit them and what you can expect throughout the rest of the process. Our goal is to make sure that the process of applying for government services is as simple as possible. Once you receive funding, you’re able to subsidise or eliminate the cost of care, putting you and your family on a firm financial footing. 

Bespoke Senior Care In Deer Park

The number of ways in which our care team can personalize your care package is quite extraordinary. 

  • Meal preparation and feeding. We know that what a person eats constitutes an important component of their quality of life. It’s essential, therefore, to prepare food just the way that a client likes it. Here at Home Caring, we take the preparation of meals incredibly seriously, listening carefully to the preferences of you or your loved one. Our carers can prepare meals to your specifications. 
  • Overnight care. For some people, daytime care is not enough. Many need overnight care too to ensure their safety and health. Here at Home Caring, you can customize your senior care to include overnight care. 
  • Personal grooming and dressing assistance. Home Caring can provide as much or as little support as clients require. Our expert carers can help you or your loved one with getting dressed and undressed, washed and shaved, and dried. As always, it’s entirely up to you how much or little assistance we provide. 
  • Mobility assistance. For many people who require care, getting around can be a challenge. Home Caring provides transport assistance, whether for day trips, visiting the grocery store, or simply getting in and out of vehicles. 
  • Wound care. Our team of professional carers can help with wound care, helping to ensure that wounds stand the best chance possible of healing. 
  • Fingernail and foot care. Cutting fingernails, preventing split nails, and caring for the skin on the feet is important. However, for some older adults, it can be a challenge. Our personalized private care includes foot and nail care for you or your loved one. 
  • Companionship. For some people, friendship is the most crucial element of care work. We understand that some clients can struggle with issues of loneliness, especially after a spouse has passed away. Just being there for your loved one is, therefore, an integral aspect of our service and something that we take very seriously. Our carers can provide enjoyable companionship, helping to chip away at the problem of loneliness and provide a higher quality of life through meaningful interactions. 

If you can’t see something that you’d like from home care packages in Deer Park on the above list, then don’t worry. Just get in touch to find out what other ways we can address your needs. 

Why Choose Home Caring For Private Care In Deer Park?

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to choose Home Caring In Deer Park. Take a look at the following. 

  • Home Caring is one of the highest-rated for personal care in Deer Park.
  • Home Caring is a fully Aged Care Approved Provider, enabling us to liaise with the authorities and help you gain access to any care funding to which you are entitled.
  • You can contact us quickly and easily through our online service management tools for elderly care
  • Home Caring is NDIS-registered, ensuring a high quality of care for all our clients.
  • We subject all members of our team to extensive referencing and background checks to ensure client safety

Arrange A Consultation For Elderly Care In Deer Park

Are you interested in getting home care for yourself or somebody that you know in Deer Park, Melbourne? If so, then we’d love to talk to you. 

We offer all of our clients a free consultation before providing any services. The purpose of the discussion is to find out more about the needs of your loved one and how we might help. We will talk about the design of your ideal care package and the way that we can slot into the life of the client. 

Home Caring is a team of more than 250 care professionals delivering services throughout Deer Park and the wider area. We’re a relatively new care agency who saw a hole in the market for bespoke, quality care services that go above and beyond those currently provided. 

Call Us Today To Find Out More

If you or your loved one requires aged care, then we would love to hear from you. You can call us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs. Remember, all that could be standing between you and a better quality of life is a phone call.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.