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If you live in Kellyville and are looking for domiciliary care, then you’ve come to the right place. Home Caring is an in home care provider that has been serving the local community for more than twenty years. In that time, we’ve helped hundreds of clients live full and fulfilling lives, and we can help your loved one too.

We Go The Extra Mile To Ensure Safety

Home Caring is committed to ensuring that people receiving care from us remain as safe as possible in their environment. All of our care staff are trained and certified professionals dedicated to their work. As an organisation, we conduct due diligence, such as background checks and in-depth interviews to ensure that everyone we employ is a professional, dedicated to the wellbeing of the people they serve.

To ensure that standards remain high, we provide ongoing training for all carers, keeping them apprised of state-of-the-art processes in the care industry.

We Personalise Every Care Plan

At Home Caring, we believe that each person should have a unique care plan, designed around how they want to live their lives. Before beginning any care plan with us, we will discuss the needs of your loved one in detail, finding out about what’s important to them and what they would like from a care package.

Our care plans are tailored to the specific requirements and personality of the person being cared for. We can assist with all kinds of essential and non-essential tasks, such as taking the dog for a walk, feeding pets, watering the garden, preparing meals, and tidying the house.

We match qualified care support staff to your specific needs. If you have complex medical needs, we can supply trained professional carers with the necessary skill to manage a variety of illnesses.

You Can Get In Touch With Us At Any Time

We believe that people in Kellyville should be able to get in touch with their care provider at any time to ask questions or raise concerns. That’s why we operate a telephone and messaging service during the day for peace of mind.

We Are Accredited Professionals

Home Caring is NDIS certified and Aged Care Accredited. You know that when you choose us, you’re choosing a provider with the capacity to offer your loved one with a high level of professional care that non-accredited providers cannot provide.

We Can Help You With Government Funding

The government in Australia will pay for home care services where it believes there is a need. The process of getting funding can be tricky, but we can help you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the necessary financing for your particular situation.

To get government funding, you’ll need to complete an evaluation by the Aged Care Assessment Team. ACAT is an independent agency that conducts a series of tests and then comes to a conclusion about the level of care and support that a person needs.

Our Kellyville Home Care Services

At Home Caring, we offer a range of domiciliary care services, designed to meet both general and specific care needs.

Aged Care In Kellyville

As people get older, their care needs tend to increase. At the same time, many older adults do not want to leave their home or community. It’s what they’re used to and what they love.

Home Caring is committed to helping seniors retain their independence for as long as possible. With our help, it’s possible for an older adult to continue living in their home for many years, if not indefinitely.

Aged care provides support with a range of daily activities, including washing, getting dressed, preparing food, going to the toilet and eating. Our services also offer additional support with things like keeping the house tidy, washing up, making the beds, sweeping floors, and watering the garden.

We aim to ensure that each person in Kellyville receiving aged care support can live out their years in the manner to which they have become accustomed. With us, clients can continue to do all of the things that they enjoy.

Palliative Care In Kellyville

The requirements of people change as they approach the end of their lives. Not only do they need help with the physical side-effects of disease, such as pain management, but also with emotional and spiritual support. Our palliative care services in Kellyville focus on the “whole person,” ensuring that they enjoy their remaining time as much as possible.

People usually require palliative care when they have been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition, such as motor neurone disease or cancer. However, palliative care does not necessarily mean that a person’s life is going to end soon. Many people can receive palliative care for years, while others can recover and go on to lead healthy lives.

Confronting the end of life is a challenging prospect. At Home Caring, we’re committed to providing emotional and psychological support to clients who need it. We also aim to offer spiritual support where necessary to help people deal with existential issues.

Dementia Care In Kellyville

People living with dementia fall on a broad spectrum. Those in the early stages of the disease can often function at a high level for the majority of the time, and carrying on doing most of the tasks they use to. However, as the condition progresses, symptoms can get worse, and a person often needs more intensive care.

Home Caring provides a special dementia home care service, providing the necessary support to enable a person living with dementia to retain their independence for as long as possible. Dementia care includes the following:

Cognitive Support. It is vital that people living with dementia receive cognitive support. Being able to continue using their skills and abilities not only helps arrest the progression of the disease but also helps them to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

  • Personal Care. People with dementia often find it difficult to perform daily tasks, such as putting on clothes and bathing. At Home Caring, we offer support in all aspects of personal care for people living with dementia.
  • Memory Aids. People living with dementia can also find it challenging to know where things are, making independent living difficult. At Home Caring, we can help with memory aids for stuff around the house and garden.
  • Emotional Support. Living with dementia can be frustrating and upsetting for those with the condition. Not being able to remember a person’s name or face is upsetting and disorientating. Home Caring staff provide emotional support for those living with the disease.

Respite Care In Kellyville

Family carers make up the majority of care services people receive in Kellyville. Life for a family carer is not easy. The average carer spends twenty hours per week looking after a loved one, and 13 per cent spend more than forty hours doing so.

Caring for a loved one is not only physically tiring, but it can be emotionally draining too. Not only do you have a lot of responsibility, but the care needs of individuals don’t stop just because it’s the holidays or the weekend. It can be a twenty-four-seven job.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the majority of home care workers experience depression at one time or another. The job is exceptionally demanding.

Eventually, everyone needs a break. That’s where respite care can help. With respite care, Home Caring can temporarily take over your care duties on your behalf, allowing you to take time off to pursue other things in life.

At Home Caring, we aim to provide a consistent service to the client, picking up where you left off. With us, your loved one can get the same level of care that they’re used to receiving from you, all as part of their bespoke care package.

Once you’ve arranged respite care, you’re free to pursue other things in life, including go on vacation, take a week out to pursue a hobby, spend time visiting friends and family or socialising, or just having a rest. The choice is yours.

Disability Care In Kellyville

Disability care is a special kind of care service designed around the needs of those living with disabilities in Kellyville. Disability care is for people of any age who may be suffering from a condition that causes temporary or permanent disability.

The focus of disability care is practical. Home Caring helps people living with disabilities with a range of activities, from everyday tasks like housework and bathing to mobility and transferring.

Disability is defined as any physical or mental impairment that has long-term effects on a person’s ability to carry out the daily tasks of living. People in the Kellyville area could have a disability because they have lost a limb due to injury or diabetes, are paralysed, or are suffering from learning difficulties.

The great thing about home care is that it can be flexible and adjust to the needs of the disabled person. Care professionals can provide a client living with a disability with a comfortable and fulfilling, according to their specific requirements.

Why Rely On Home Caring In Kellyville?

Many people living in Kellyville are doing care work alongside trying to run and organise their own lives. Often, however, it’s not sustainable to have responsibilities for both a loved one with care needs as well as children, other family members, and work. Caregivers can quickly become exhausted, affecting the quality of care.

Home caring is here to step in when you feel that you need support with providing care to a loved one. Not only do we offer respite care, but we can also work alongside family carers and help with more challenging personal care and mobilities issues. With additional support from Home Caring, you can reduce your workload while at the same time ensuring that you retain a high quality of care for your loved one.

Often, the quality of your relationship with your loved one improves after receiving domiciliary or in-home care. You have more energy to meet their needs and don’t have to struggle with some of the most challenging aspects of care.

Book A Free Consultation Today

At Home Caring, we believe in providing a personalised service. The first step in this process is a consultation in which we discuss every aspect of the client’s care needs. The purpose of the discussion is to develop a care plan: something that will cater to the needs of their client and their family. There is no obligation to use our services following the consultation.

By meeting with us for a consultation, you can find out more about what we do, the professional quality of care that we provide, and how we can meet your loved one’s needs. During the discussion, we’ll discuss both the medical and nursing requirements of the client, as well as learning more about who they are, what they enjoy and their lifestyle. We want to find out as much as possible about their quirks and habits so that we can provide the highest level of service possible.

Choose Home Caring Today

There are all kinds of reasons for choosing Home Caring for aged care, disability care, palliative care, and dementia care. We tailor all our at home care packages to meet the needs of people living in Kellyville, and we can help you too.

Getting in touch with us is easy. Just give us a call or drop us an email: we’d love to talk.

Home Caring is on a mission to make life better for people who receive care. Every day, we think about how we could improve our services and offer better care to our clients. Over the last two decades, we’ve helped hundreds of people retain their independence and quality of life during tough times, providing the professional support that they need to continue living fulfilling lives.

We’re committed to quality, innovation and excellence, and aim to meet and exceed client expectations in every interaction. For us, learning never stops, and we’re always looking for ways to do what we do better. Join us today and see what a difference our home care could make to the life of your loved one living in Kellyville.

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