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Home Care Liverpool

Name: Sharmila Bastakoti

Title: Director

Home Care Services Liverpool

Liverpool Home Caring delivers compassionate, high quality home care to people living in the south west area of Sydney. We put a high value on what our clients want and foster a ‘person first’ approach to all of our services, be it personal care, domestic assistance, community engagement or capacity building programs.

Liverpool Home Caring is headed up by Sharmila Bastakoti, a former pharmacist with skills in healthcare, customer service, administration and home care. Sharmila long been an active executive member of the Macarthur Region Nepalese Community. As a mum of two, she is passionate about helping others and providing highly individualised care that treats each client as a person of worth and dignity.

Liverpool Home Caring is a registered NDIS and Aged Care provider. Get in touch for a FREE consultation and find out how we can help you get the most out of your funding.


Home Care in Liverpool

Our home care or domiciliary care services in Liverpool are there to ensure that your loved one can enjoy the highest standards of care without having to leave their own home. Our professional caregivers bring a practical approach to their needs combined with a compassionate emphasis on companionship and dignity that ensures peace of mind for family members and primary caregivers.

The needs of every client are a little different. As such, we help you create a fully personalised care plan, looking over needs from basic to personal, safety to grooming, meal preparation to bathroom assistance and more. We can help you complete this comprehensive care plan through a consultation.

Respite Care in Liverpool

Many of our clients will take advantage of the full-time care and peace of mind that we can offer. If you’re a primary caregiver, however, then you can benefit from the time-flexible respite care services that we are able to provide as well. We’re able to work to your schedule, whether you simply need us for a few hours every week or for every weekend. We want to help you attend to your own needs and avoid caregiver burnout.

You don’t need to worry about inconsistency in care standards while we take the reins, either. We work with you to understand client needs, schedules, expectations, and preferences as best as possible.

Disability Care in Liverpool

As the premier providers of disability care in Liverpool and all throughout Sydney, we are equipped to meet a wide range of needs for those adult clients living with a disability. This includes not only providing our standard home care duties but also extra services dedicated to helping them live more independently.

As such, we are also able and willing to help you with the process of learning more about the NDIS funding and can even help with the application process to ensure you get the financial assistance you need. We also provide access to support form the community, Supported Independent Living services, and ensure collaboration with other care and support providers.

Our Supported Independent Living Disability Accommodation

If you believe that it may not be feasible or safe for a loved one with a disability to live at home, then you might want to learn more about our Supported Independent Living Home. This is the first of its kind built by Home Caring, with access to dedicated support staff in premises that are designed with the help of clients to ensure security, safety, and comfort above all else.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about our Supported Independent Living Home. Besides having a team on hand to take care of daily care needs, we also offer disability management services, access to expert occupational therapy services, access to vehicles and transport, and more.

Dementia Care in Liverpool

We work with Dementia Caring, the top provider of Dementia Services in Liverpool and throughout Sydney, to deliver care services built bespoke to meet the needs of adults living with memory disorders.

As such, our dementia care services include all the feeding, grooming, mobility, safety, first aid services and more that provide for all our clients. However, they also come with specialised services to help manage healthcare routines, including assistance attending appointments, and access to specialist treatments and therapies.

Palliative Care in Liverpool

For those living with a life-limiting diagnosis, we are dedicated to ensuring they live as comfortably as possible and in their own home for as long as they can. As such, our palliative care services are designed to maintain a higher quality of life.

Not only do we offer all the same services to meet a client’s day-to-day needs through palliative care, but we also dedicate ourselves to providing comfort support, pain relief, and access to spiritual support services.

Help with access to government-funded services

Depending on your circumstances, you and your loved one may be able to apply for financial assistance from the government to help meet the costs of care. The Home Caring Packages and National Disability Insurance Scheme could help you.

As approved NDIS and Home Caring Packages Providers, we are able to help those utilising government funding, as well as private clients. We can also help you navigate the process of learning about eligibility and applying for assistance from beginning to end.

The kind of care that we provide

Whether you choose home care, respite care, dementia care, disability care, or another of our services, they are all fully bespoke, able to be customised directly to your needs. As such, here are just some of the services we can provide:

  • Meal preparation and feeding
  • Help showering, washing, and otherwise using the bathroom
  • Personal grooming and dressing assistance
  • Fingernail and foot care
  • Mobility and walking assistance
  • Transport assistance
  • Assistance for medical appointments, shopping, and social engagements
  • Companionship and competition
  • Wound care and first aid
  • Overnight care

This list isn’t comprehensive. If you want to learn more about what we can do for you, we’re glad to address any need you might have in mind.

Create your personalised care plan today

How do we decide which kind of bespoke care service to offer you and your loved one? Through a personalised care plan created in cooperation with one of our trained care specialists. Get in touch for a free consultation and we can help you understand the full range of services that we offer.

Of course, while creating a tailored care plan for you and your loved one, we are here to learn as much about your needs and preferences as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask anything or share any information that you think is relevant when arranging a personalised care plan with Home Caring.

Learn about caring with our free resources

Whether you’re a client or not, we’re eager to help anyone who is interested in learning about how to provide a higher standard of care. As such, we know that information, insight, and research can be key in helping you on your caring journey and we have a range of free resources you can look at on the site.

From information and links on support groups and resources on palliative care to the research, studies, and information we publish thanks to our experience in caregiving, there’s plenty to learn so don’t hesitate to take a closer look.

Why work with Home Caring?

  • Our respite care and full-time care allows you to focus less on fulfilling your loved one’s basic needs and instead on providing the emotional support and close relationships that they need.
  • Our team is one you can trust, with every employee subject to identity checks, background checks, personal interviews, and training to ensure they meet our high standards of care.
  • Whenever you need us, we are here thanks to our online service management tools and the ability to quickly contact us with any questions you might have.
  • We are a fully NDIS & Aged Care Approved Provider.
  • Home Caring is amongst the highest rated care providers in Liverpool and throughout Sydney, with a history of happy clients helping us cement our reputation.

About us

Home Caring first started providing its services to those over 65, and those living with disabilities, memory disorders, and life-limiting diagnoses in 2015. However, our team brings a much deeper well of experience, with over 250 caregiving and administrative professionals supporting the founders who have over 20 years of experience in management.

This pedigree of professionalism ensures that we can provide not only the high standards of care that have pleased more than 900 clients throughout Liverpool, Sydney, and beyond. It ensures that our services are flexible, reliable, and well organised at all times.

Our experience is combined with a set of rigidly defined standards, and a dedication to comfort, compassion and dignity that we endeavour to provide to every single client that we work with.

Can Home Caring help you?

If you’re curious about our services or want to arrange a consultation for home care services in Liverpool, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Home Caring today. We can begin putting together the plan for bespoke care that your loved one needs and that can offer you some peace of mind.

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