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When you’re attempting to juggle a full-time career and a family of your own, caring for a loved one becomes impossible. Despite your best efforts, it can be a real challenge to provide everything they need. And, trying to do so can lead to falling outs and burnouts.

Still, letting someone take that care mantel is a big decision. And, you need to make sure that the company you select are up to the task of meeting your loved one’s needs, whatever those may be.

That’s where Home Care Coogee come in. We offer a variety of domiciliary care options, from in home care to respite care, and we can guarantee that our trained and vetted caregivers will meet your loved one’s needs while taking that pressure off your shoulders.

An overview of in-home care Coogee

When you contact Home Care Coogee on 1300 875 377, we’ll set you up for a complimentary consultation with our care specialist. During this session, they’ll talk you and your loved one through our many available care services in the hope of setting out a care plan which suits you both.

Whether you need home care or one of our many other services, then, we can help your loved one with all manner of tasks, including

Personal grooming

  • Meal prep
  • Mobility and walking
  • Fingernail and foot care
  • Continence aids
  • Transportation
  • Overnight care
  • Palliative care

And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We tailor each one of these services and more to ensure that your loved one gets the best care possible.

Even better, we do it all with NDIS and home care packages which utilize government funding where necessary, because we understand all too well that money is the last thing you want to worry about when embarking on aged care Coogee.

Dementia care Coogee

Dementia Caring is the top provider of dementia care across Sydney, and we’re proud to work with them to ensure that we offer the best packages to patients with memory disorders. Dementia Caring work exclusively to support patients with dementia. Their specialist team of staff provide unrivalled levels of care to increase quality of life.

As well as ensuring all of the in-home services mentioned above, then, our dementia care also ensures that your loved one gets the assistance they need with things like personal care and attendance of appointments. With Dementia Care on hand, we’re also able to offer access to a variety of specialist treatments which you would struggle to gain access to from any other care provider on the market.

If you’re worried about your loved one’s quality of life, then, we’re waiting at the end of the phone to make sure that things look up for them in no time.

Disabled care Coogee

We are also premier providers of disability care and can meet a variety of needs for any adults living with a disability. We are a registered NDIS provider, meaning that we can meet a variety of needs for individuals living with disabilities who receive government funding. Even if you don’t have that financial backing, we can work with you to ensure an affordable in home care package which suits your needs.

Our wide range of in home disability care services includes extensive support such as –

Household tasks

  • Development of life skills
  • Home modification
  • Behaviour support
  • Community participation
  • And many more

Supported Independent Living Disability Accommodation

We at Home Care also understand all too well that, sometimes, it’s not safe for loved ones with disabilities to stay home alone. That’s why we launched our first home for Supported Independent Living back in July of 2018.

Here, you can ensure that your loved one receives 24-hour support, all developed in conjunction with you to match requirements and needs. The accommodation itself typically consists of sharing with others in bedrooms of 2-5 in everything from villas to townhouses. We modify each supported living space for wheelchair access and ease of use, as well as ensuring each resident has access to all necessary therapies.

This is a care benefit which we also hope to expand in coming years, meaning that your loved one will be able to live their best life for a long time to come. All with the help of Home Care.

Palliative care Coogee

We at Home Care understand that palliative care can be the most challenging service to deal with. But, if your loved one has a life-limiting condition, we have a team of specially trained carers who will be sure to do best by them.

Our team includes doctors and nurses and can work to take at least some of the strain from such a difficult situation. As well as offering our standard in-home services, our palliative team can also work with your loved one to –

Provide relief from pain

  • Offer 24-hour care support
  • Take the load off family members with respite care
  • Offer access to spiritual support services

Respite care Coogee

Even if full-time domiciliary care Coogee doesn’t seem like a fit for you or your loved one, we understand that it’s important to take a break sometimes. That’s why we also offer respite care to make sure that you get a little ‘me time’ whenever you need it.

By providing temporary overnight care for when you need a break or are going away, we can ensure that you return to your care responsibilities feeling fully refreshed. You needn’t worry about your loved one at all in that time, considering that our respite care includes –

Live-in dementia care programmes

  • Housekeeping and home maintenance
  • Pet sitting
  • 24-hour care plans

We’ll ensure that we provide grocery shopping if needed, and even transportation to get your loved one to and from their appointments. Even better, you can turn to this service without worry anytime you need to take a little break. Our care team really do care about making sure that you get the rest you need to be the best carer that you can be.

The benefits of home care Coogee

So, those are a few of the specialist in-home services which we provide. But, you might be wondering what exactly the benefit of home care like this is? Why is this a preferable choice to, say, a care home where your loved one gets full-time attention around the clock? But, we at Home Care have some fantastic benefits to put those doubts to rest –

Maintaining lifestyle

We at Home Care provide ourselves in offering disability and aged care support services which ensure that our patients can maintain the lifestyles in which they feel comfortable. Often, loved ones are hesitant to seek outside care services for this exact reason. But, by working closely to suit everyone’s needs, Home Care ensures that your loved one can maintain the lifestyle that they’ve built, but with a little extra help.

During your initial consultation, we’ll make sure to spend plenty of time asking your loved one about their current situation and what they would need help with. We’ll then develop a tailored care plan, including anything from transportation to grocery shopping, to ensure that your loved one can keep on top of the quality of life which they’ve always enjoyed.

An affordable alternative

While most of us would argue that money is no issue where our loved ones are concerned, care home costs can put untold pressure on families. So much so that you may land yourself in significant amounts of debt for care which doesn’t suit your loved one anyway.

Unsurprisingly, home care is a much more affordable alternative, even if you aren’t eligible for government funding. Rather than paying for full-time care around the clock, Home Care services mean that only pay for the once weekly or daily visits from our team. Even during our respite care service, you only pay for a one-off care package. We also care about your care, so we’ll work as hard as we can to develop price points which work for you and your family.

Holding onto independence

Many would argue that being able to hold onto independence is the best part of home care, and we would have to agree. Independence is vital for quality of life, yet it’s something which is often compromised with residential care. In some cases, patient access is even limited. But, that’s not something you ever need to worry about with services from Home Care.

Rather than restricting independence, we go above and beyond to help those in our care hold onto it. From transport options to getting your loved one out in the community, we have the packages which you need. With our trained and trusted carers behind them, your loved one may even find a level of independence which has never been possible for them until now.

Who exactly are Home Care Coogee?

Of course, we understand that, so far, we haven’t really addressed who we are. And, that’s something we’re going to need to overcome if you’re going to trust us with someone you love. Our friendly and knowledgeable team, led by CEO Xuyen Tang, have been providing support to people who have disabilities or are over sixty-five in their homes since 2015.

Our mission is a dedication to providing professional and reliable care and support to all clients, and our values include –

Client focused care delivery

  • Continuously striving for quality of care
  • Working together with clients to innovate the care we offer
  • Surpassing client expectation with exceptional care and customer service

Xuyen Tang herself has already spent twenty years working within various senior roles in the care industry. This experience, as well as a personal desire to ensure her team consistently provides excellent service are just part of what makes Home Care the right choice for your loved one.

Why should you use Home Care Coogee?

So, that’s who we are, but why should you turn to us in your caring hour of need? Your loved one is incredibly important to you, after all, and you are not willing to entrust their care to the first care company which comes along. We understand that, which is why we also offer the following undeniable benefits when compared with the other care companies out there –

Complimentary consultations with your needs in mind

  • Respite and in-home care for anywhere from 1 hour to 24
  • A quality team who are subject to background checks and extensive training
  • Access to a variety of services to suit any care package
  • A fully NDIS & Aged Care Approved Provider
  • One of the highest-rated care providers in Coogee and other Sydney locations

When should you contact us?

Of course, even once you know that you’ve found the care provider for you, it can be challenging to know when to take the plunge. It may be, for example, that you’re looking ahead for a loved one who is merely starting to experience struggles at home.

The best thing to do in that situation is to contact us for that complimentary consultation. This is a no-pressure meeting which allows us to assess where your loved one is at, and what we can do for them. It’s possible that we won’t need to do anything just yet, but getting out team onboard sooner rather than later is always a plus. We may even be able to offer some short-term respite options which help with any issues your loved one is experiencing.

Think, too, about your wellbeing. Too often, we focus solely on the patient in question. While patient wellbeing is, of course, a priority for us, we also care about you. If you’re noticing that your loved one needs you more than you’re able to be around, then, don’t hesitate to head to our contact page today.

There’s no point stretching yourself further than you’re comfortable with. Your happiness and relationship will only suffer for it. Even better, we have a variety of contact options, including a no-pressure enquiry form. Or, you could talk to one of our friendly staff on 1300 875 377 today.

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