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Home Care Bendigo

We are Home Caring Bendigo, committed to helping the elderly and those experencing a disability located in Bendigo and surrounding areas. We’re a dedicated personal care provider, with a professional care team who spend their days providing domestic assistance to people in their home in a wide range of circumstances.

There are many types of care out there, some of which are more useful to you than others. The good news is that we offer an extensive range of services, all of which are crafted according to your needs and aimed to help you stay in your own home for as long as possible.

Whether you require temporary nursing assistance after an injury, or long-term in-home care to deal with a permanent condition, our friendly team are right here to lend you a helping hand when you require it.

Home Care Services Bendigo 

Our home care services in Bendigo have been built to be flexible. This is what defines our company here at Home Caring. If there are very particular requirements that you need met, our team will go above and beyond to deliver the service that suits you. We’re known for delivering a high level of care, and that’s because everything we do here is tailored.

Whether you need to attend medical appointments, go shopping, have a family games night at home, take the dog for a walk, or just complete daily living tasks, we’ll be there for you. We can provide 24/7 in-home care services if required because we understand that everyone’s needs are different. That shouldn’t discriminate as to the level of care you recieve.

We’re also known for providing high quality respite care services. This means that we can give you the break you deserve, if you’ve been spending time taking care of a loved onw. We can let you focus on what you need to do in your daily life, and you can feel comfortable knowing that the people most important to you are recieving the best quality patient care on the market.

Home Care Packages in Bendigo

If you have a unique set of reqirements, our home care packages are the ideal solution for you. A home care package refers to, quite literally, a package of services crafted to your specific requirements and making it easier for you to live the life you want.

As we are an NDIS provider (read more about that below), you can also obtain access to government-funded home care package services when engaging Home Care.

One of of our quality care packages can include:

  • Personal care – such as help you take a shower
  • Medical services – such as help you dress wounds if you’re experinencing an injury
  • Domestic assistance – this could be anything from helping you with the laundry, to assiting with meal preparation
  • Social help – we can help you attend social outings with friends, or organise something in your own home
  • Transport – we can provide the extra care necessary to help you get to where you need to go around Bendo and surrounding areas

Don’t be afraid to ask if you require something very particular. This is what our care plans are designed to accomodate.

Dementia Care Bendigo

The team at Home Care Bendigo is a professional dementia care service provider. Dementia can be a stressful and sometimes terrifying condition, especially for the patient’s loved ones. Our care experts have a great level of experience in this area, and can offer the people most important to you the patience and assistance they need as they embark on their care journey with us.

Our respite care services for dementia patients allow you to take a break as our care coordinators do what they do best. It takes the stress off your shoulders, and helps you focus on what you need to do day to day. All while feeling comfortable that the people you love most are recieving the compassionate care solution they really need.

Our team is always dedicated to the task, and can provide the quality care services required for any level of dementia, whether mild of severe. They can provide the proper techniques to help them improve their quality of life no matter what stage of the condition they find themselves in.

Disability Care Bendigo

Our providers of care can also assist people with various types of disabilities. This can include temporary injuries if, for example, you or your loved one has been in a car accident. We can also assist if somebody is going through a permanent injury and requires close assistance on a daily basis.

Our one-on-one private care options for people experiencing disabillities are designed to be flexible. We understand that the journey of living with a disability can be highly distressing. You may at first be hesitant to recieve help, but know it’s something that could really benefit you.

The good news is that there is no one-size-fits all model at Home Caring Bendigo. Our disability support providers will listen to you closely, discuss your needs and do what they can to deliver the one-to-one care you require.

NDIS Providers Bendigo

Our care providers in Bendigo areaccredited under the Australian Government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). That means we can deliver government-funded services to those who are eligible and approved nder the scheme. As an NDIS provider in Bendigo, our professional team is passionate about community care, so we work closely with people who have physical and intellectual disabilities.

We have staff members of a whole range of ages and backgrounds, can match you with the support worker you require that has the most relevant experience and interests that accords with your situation.

If you are going through the process of appling for NDIS funding, we can also help you through every stage of the application process.

Get in touch

Home Care Bendigo loves to develop robust and long-lasting relationships with all clients, no matter what they are going through. All it takes is a call. We’re more than happy to speak with you on a no-strings-attached basis, so please feel free to tell us more about what you require. We’re completely non-judgmental and committed to making the difference in your life that you are looking for.

Give us a ring on 1300 875 377 or complete our online form to begin your journey with us.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.