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Hornsby is located on the Upper North Shore of Sydney, just 25 km from the centre of the huge city. Being located where it is, it is well served by both train and bus services. Of the population of more than 22,000, a large portion of them comes from other countries, including China, India and England.

There are many recreational facilities in Hornsby including 4v parks each one of which is very different.  The shopping malls cater for everything anyone could need and there is no shortage of choices for food and drink. From fine dining to local bars and cafes, Hornsby as them all.

Just like the rest of the world, it also has its share of people over the age of 65 and disabled people. Sometimes care is needed to help them, and apart from the option of placing them in a care facility, home care in Hornsby is available.

Dementia Care In Hornsby

It can be very upsetting for a family to watch their parents or grandparent suffering from dementia. It usually starts with short-term memory loss and then confusion starts to set in. The patient will often become argumentative and as the condition progresses, they tend to retreat into a world of their own. There can them come a point where they do not recognise their closest loved ones, and that can be more upsetting than anything else.

Eventually, it reaches a stage where they should not be living on their own as they can become a danger to themselves when they forget to be careful with a sharp knife or to turn the gas stove off.

Often, when the condition has progressed even further, they are sent to a care home, but there is also the option of dementia care in Hornsby in their own home that should be considered. This can be less confusing for them because at least they are still in surroundings that are familiar to them.

Arranging for this type of care needs specialists who understand the situation for the patient and the family. At Home Caring we have the specialists needed to provide top quality dementia care in Hornsby.  As well as working to reduce the anxiety of the dementia sufferer when they have times of clarity and understand what is happening top them, our teams of carers will give support to the family so that everyone benefits from the patient being cared for at home.

In Home Care In Hornsby

Someone does not have to be suffering from a condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s for them to need some help at home. As people age, they retire from their jobs and then can spend a lot of time on their own. It is said that this contributes to anxiety and depression, which can be made worse as they realise they their body is not working as well as it used to.

They may find that they can no longer do some of their household jobs, or even take a bath without someone being there to make sure they do not fall.

This is just one of the advantages of in home care in Hornsby, as a carer and help the aged person with all of these tasks, and provide them with some company at the same time.

You can take away any concerns they have about going into a senior citizens home by just discussing domiciliary care in Hornsby with them. Then arrange for a free assessment to find out the level of care that is needed, and straight away you are likely to find the aged relative is feeling much better about the situation they have found themselves in.

They will be maintaining some independence and will be able to go on shopping trips, call on family and friends and have visitors in the comfort of their own home.

In home care in Hornsby could be the answer for your aged relative, as you know they will be properly looked after without worrying about them all the time.

Disability Care In Hornsby

The level of disabilities varies greatly and affects the amount of disability care in Hornsby needed. It could be that they have been confined to a wheelchair because of an accident, and learning to cope with that can be very difficult. They may have a mental disability or maybe they have impaired sight that creates problems for them.

No matter what the problem is the patient is suffering from, Home Caring have the specialist carers to help them. We are NDIS accredited providers, which means we understand the system fully. We will assist with making sure the patient gets the NDIS funding they are entitled to by providing the services needed to qualify, such as home help, daily activities, self-care, day programs, accessing social and community support that we will coordinate and generally helping clients to be as independent as possible.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your family with disability care in Hornsby, get in touch with us today.

Palliative Care In Hornsby

It is heartbreaking when someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, for both the patient and their loved ones. The family knows they are going to lose someone that is very dear to them and the patient knows that they do not have a great deal of time left in this world. For what time they do have left they should be free of pain and have help with their everyday living needs.  If they want to go to the local park, on a trip to the coast or just wander around the local shops – it should all be possible for them.

They also need support to help them through this dreadful time and to ensure that their quality of life is as good as it can be under the circumstances. If that means they need overnight care so that they are not on their own and frightened, that is available.

At Home Caring, we believe that palliative care in Hornsby is vitally important and that anyone in this situation should have the highest quality of care – it is what he or she deserves after all.

Respite Care In Hornsby

Most of us at some point have looked after a child when they are poorly, or a partner when they have man-flu. Just imagine what it is like to have to care for someone all the time for many years. Family carers always want to do the best they can for their loved one, but sometimes they need taking care of as well.

The constant demands being a carer places on a person can wear them down both physically and mentally. The only way to prevent this from happening is to make sure they have a break from their responsibilities, but sometimes persuading them it is needed is not easy. Usually though, if it is pointed out that if they become ill they will not be doing their loved one any favours, then they will listen to the possibility of respite care in Hornsby.

This sometimes starts with a day off occasionally while the family carer and the patient build their trust in the person looking after them. When they see how well things are working out, then a vacation does not seem so impossible.

Some time to relax and have some fun without worrying about their loved one can make a huge difference to the carer, and they return from their break refreshed and better than they have been for a while. Then they really understand the advantage of respite care in Hornsby.

Contact Home Caring for Home Care In Hornsby

You will not be putting yourself under any obligation by calling us to find out how we can help you. We are NDIS and Aged care Approved Service Providers and are proud of the high quality care we provide. All our carers have to go through rigorous measures to ensure they are compassionate and caring by nature. We expect them to surpass the care expectation of our clients and if they do not they have no place with Home Caring.

Call us to arrange for a free assessment no matter what type of care it is that is required. For short or long periods, we can help and you can be certain that you loved one is in the best hands.

Some people are entitled to government funding for care and we can help you to decipher all the rules and regulations to find out if this applies to you. We will also assist with NDIS funding and insurance if it is in place.

Why not make your life less stressful and have some of the pressures taken from your shoulders. It really is very simple – just call 1300 875 377 and tell us the problems. We will help you to find the solution with a care plan that suits the client and their family, so ring us right now.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.