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Many of our clients in Parramatta have faced the same problems as you. They’re unsure how to meet all the needs of their loved one, or they act as a primary caregiver, but simply need some support to offer respite. Instead of wondering where to look for the help you need, it’s time to learn about Home Caring.

We offer a huge range of comprehensive, respite, and customisable home care services in Parramatta. We can address a range of needs for over 65 care, disability care, palliative care, respite care, and dementia care with a focus on superb standards, compassionate treatment, and flexible services. Read on to learn more about what we offer.

Home Care in Parramatta

While home or domiciliary care is our most basic service, it is by no means lacking. Through our care team, we can provide as much assistance with basic, health, hygiene and grooming needs as is necessary, whether it’s three days a week or 24/7. Our team of highly trained, vetted, and passionate professionals are here to ensure that your loved one is taken care of.

How they do that depends on you. We have a range of different services that can all fit together in a bespoke care plan that accounts for the needs, challenges, and circumstances revolving around every one of our clients. You can read more about those services and how we put together those plans below.

A new standard in personal care services

When we first start talking to any of our home care services clients in Parramatta, we begin by outlining the needs of the individual and the services we offer to meet them. Those services include:

  •      Meal preparation and feeding
  •      Help showering, washing, and otherwise using the bathroom
  •      Personal grooming and dressing assistance
  •      Fingernail and foot care
  •      Mobility and walking assistance
  •      Transport assistance
  •      Assistance for medical appointments, shopping, and social   engagements
  •      Companionship and competition
  •      Wound care and first aid
  •      Overnight care

This is not a comprehensive list. We are always willing to offer more, especially for those with specialised needs, such as disability care, dementia care, and palliative care.

About our free consultations

Whether you’re wondering if we offer a specific service or you’re concerned that the needs of your loved one might be beyond our scope, all your answers can be cleared with a free

consultation. Book a meeting with one of our professional care coordinators for a talk that covers a range of needs, services, circumstances, and information that might be of benefit to you further down the line. By the end of your free consultation, you should have a bespoke, economical care plan that’s ready to go should you partner with Home Caring.

Respite Care in Parramatta

As well as our full-time home care services, we also have packages that are designed to help clients who act as primary caregivers. Our team is more than aware of the time and work you put into meeting the responsibilities you have taken on and are ready to offer as much help as you need, whether it be an hour a day, a full day, a weekend or something else.

Taking care of your own needs is essential for avoiding caregiver burnout but we know you don’t want the standards of care to slip in your absence. During our consultation, our team will learn as much about your schedule and preferences as possible to keep care as consistent as possible regardless of who provides it.

Disability Care in Parramatta

Home Caring also offers a range of specialised care services for those whose needs may go beyond the average client’s. As such, we’re a leading provider of disability care in Parramatta, with our regular services complemented by a focus on offering extra assistance to help with independent living.

Our team also has access to a range of practical services that can help adults with disability. This includes help with NDIS funds, community support, Supported Independent Living options, and care in coordination with other support providers in their life.

Our Disability Accommodation

For those who living at home is not an option, our team has worked alongside clients and their families to create the first in a series of Supported Independent Living Homes, with more on the way. Staffed by our team, these homes take care of all the essential needs, safety, and security that can offer you peace of mind and the assurance that your loved one is well cared for.

Beyond an environment catered to the needs of our clients, our trained, empathetic team is able to provide all of the disability care services we offer to clients who are not residents. On top of that, we can offer extra access to vehicles and transport, schedule maintenance, disability management, and access to occupational therapy services.

Do you want to know more about government funded services?

Many of our clients in need of caregiving are not customers of our own private services but benefit from the financial assistance that they are entitled to from the state. For caregiving purposes, the most commonly applied benefits are the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Home Caring Packages. Home Caring is approved to provide both and can lend assistance in helping you gain access to them, too. We are able to help you understand and complete the application process from beginning to end, so don’t hesitate to get in contact if you think you might be eligible to receive them.

Palliative Care in Parramatta

Another of our specialised services focuses on those living with a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis. These include all the standard day-to-day assistance services that allow them to live as comfortably as they can in their own home. However, our palliative care packages also include healthcare management, pain relief, comfort support, and access to spiritual support.

Dementia Care in Parramatta

In partnership with Dementia Caring, a leading provider of dementia services in Sydney, the team here at Home Caring is able to provide care packages that are custom built to the needs of those with memory disorders.

Our dementia care services offer all of the same access to help with daily needs as our home caring services, such as feeding, safety, grooming, transport, first aid, and hygiene. However, this is partnered with a crucial understanding of our clients living with dementia. It also involves help with maintaining a medical routine, attending doctors’ visits, and arranging access to specialist therapies. We can help not only manage their needs but make a marked improvement in their overall quality of life.

Learning more about care

Through experience and research, we have been able to build a standard of care that has helped us satisfy over 900 clients with care services in Parramatta and beyond. We want everyone to be able to make use of the insight we have gained and, as such, host a series of resources on our website that is free to use.

Our resources include links to information sites for palliative care, support groups, and more. You can also find our own research, studies, and advice posted regularly on the site. Whether or not you’re a customer or a caregiver in your own right, we are dedicated to spreading a high standard of compassionate care as far and wide as we can. Our resources can help do that.

Why choose Home Caring

  • Trust in the premier care service team in Parramatta, having served over 900 happy clients all throughout Sydney.
  • Save time with the assistance you and your loved one need, allowing you to avoid caregiver burnout or simply to focus on providing emotional support.
  • Gain support and answers to your questions whenever you need through our contact details on the site and your own profile that allows you to manage your services.
  • Work with a trusted team of highly trained and vetted caregivers who undergo identity checks, background checks, and personal interviews to meet the Home Caring standards.
  • Home Caring is a fully NDIS & Aged Care Approved Provider

About Home Caring

The founders of Home Caring brought together over 20 years of management experience, founding the team in 2015 that soon grew to incorporate the knowledge and expertise over 250 professionals. This helped to shape the highest standards of care in Parramatta, with the administrative support that ensures the most convenient and compassionate services possible.

Since then, Home Caring has helped to satisfy over 900 clients with a range of different services crafted to specialised needs. Our dedication to care, service, dignity and compassion above all else has helped us earn the reputation we enjoy today. We are always happy to show new clients what a difference those key values can make.

Get in touch today

Whether you want to arrange a consultation today or you simply want to learn more about the home care services we provide in Parramatta, we welcome you to get in touch with Home Caring today. We’re available to answer any questions and concerns you might have and have a care coordinator ready to arrange a time that suits you best to plan your loved one’s services with you.

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