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Providing the best Smithfield home care is the most important thing to us

At Smithfield home care, we know that growing older is something that happens to us all, and no matter what age you are, you should still be able to enjoy all of the things that you’ve always had fun doing. Life doesn’t cease to have meaning when you hit a certain age, and you should be able to make choices about how – and where – you want to live, no matter how many candles are adorning your birthday cake. At Home Caring Smithfield, we’re passionate about upholding these values, and making life as comfortable as it can be for the people that we care for, and care about.

In Home Care Services

We care about your independence
We provide Smithfield home care to a wide range of clients in the area, and we strongly believe that maintaining your independence is one of the main priorities for those who need a form of care in later life. Our home care is tailored to each individual we serve in the Smithfield area, and we can shape it around your life, and the specific tasks that you need the most assistance with. The care we provide ranges from 1 hour a day to 24 hours, so that you can really get the most out of a home caring plan that serves your needs, giving you your independence back.

We know that home care is the most comfortable option
Whilst there are some cases where you may need to be cared for outside of the home, we know that your own environment is the best place for you to receive the care that you need. Being in a hospital or care home setting can increase the stress associated with needs that you have, and maintaining a level of normality to life is so important to us as Smithfield home carers. We offer a range of home caring assistance, such as dementia care, disability care, domiciliary care, and even palliative care. Whatever it is that you need, Smithfield home caring can give you the assistance.

And it isn’t just about your home; it’s about community
Throughout your life, it is likely that you have been an active member of your Smithfield community, even if this only means that you enjoy talking to people at your local store. At Home Caring Smithfield, we believe that receiving care at home is more than it may first seem; it is not only the brick and mortar that you know and love, but it is the feeling that you get when you live in a community that you have known for so long. The upheaval of moving somewhere else can be a shock to the system for anybody, and as home carers, we believe that you should stay in the part of Smithfield that you know and care about.

Our services are varied
As providers of Smithfield home care, we offer a variety of services. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term home assistance, we are happy to work around your needs, and we know that they can change. Our services include housekeeping chores, such as general cleaning within your home, garden maintenance, grocery shopping, cooking, and doing your laundry. We can also clean your bathrooms, make sure that you can come home to fresh linen on your bed, and we can clean out your refrigerators and freezers. We provide Smithfield home care based upon your needs, whatever they are.

We only employ passionate, dedicated carers
At Smithfield Home Caring, we believe that the care provided is only ever as good as the carer who provides it. This is why we only provide home carers that are dedicated and passionate, and will do all that they can to make sure that you are comfortable, and looked after, in your own home. All of our helpers undergo rigorous identity checks, and personal interviews to ensure that they have the skills, and the personality, to provide the best home care in Smithfield. Our team is what makes us who we are, and we provide training to our already experienced carers.

We also offer compassionate live-in care
As a business that has extensive experience in supplying home care to the people of Smithfield, we know that sometimes, you need a little more care than a few hours a day. That’s why we also have the option of live-in care, for those in the Smithfield area who need a bit more support, but still want to enjoy the environment of the home that they know and love. We know that we can provide the best live-in home care, because we consistently receive reviews about the talents and compassion of our live-in helpers, who can also help those with dementia and disability based needs.

One-on-one care is something that we pride ourselves on at Smithfield Home Caring
At Smithfield Home Caring, we know that cognitive decline is something that many people suffer from in later life, and whilst we can carry out all of the cleaning, cooking, and caring services that you need, we also pride ourselves on providing the best one-on-one care in Smithfield, so that you can also benefit from the relationships that caring requires. We care about serving the local community in Smithfield, and as such, our helpers don’t just act as people who carry out domestic tasks. They want to sit down and talk to you, and build the relationships necessary for your perfect home care.

Our home care is affordable
Because we care so much about the community in Smithfield, we want to provide care on an affordable basis. Whether you need our disability or dementia care, palliative care and live-in caring, or just a one hour visit a day, we strive to give you home care that doesn’t cost you the earth. We see all of our clients as part of our community at Smithfield Home Caring, and as such, we can provide a price that enables you to have the highest level of care, without paying above the odds for it. We want to exceed your expectations, and make sure that you always choose us for your home care needs in Smithfield.

If you’re a family member of somebody who requires care
If you’re looking for home care in Smithfield for one of your loved ones, we understand that you also need a respite from caring for your family members. Whilst you always want to be there for them, and you want them to carry on living in the environment that they love, providing all of the care yourself can be difficult to manage financially, and managing your time can also be something that proves stressful. At Smithfield Home Caring, we want to make sure that we can take away some of the stress for family members, too, so that every member of the family can benefit from our caring services.

Day or night, we’ll be there
At Smithfield Home Caring, we strive to serve the community with home care that is available 24 hours a day. If you need a nurse or a carer, all you have to do is call us, and we will provide assistance from somebody who lives in the Smithfield area. As home carers, we pride ourselves on being flexible around our clients, and we will always do our best to work around your needs. Whenever you need us, and whatever it is that you need – from dementia to disability assistance – we will be there for you; all you have to do is give us a call. Not needing care all of the time is never an issue, and we can provide care based upon the changes in your needs.

We offer online support, for a modern approach to home care
Not only can you contact us via telephone, but we also offer online support to the Smithfield community, so that you can stay in touch with your carer, book any of our services online, or keep track of your service status. This convenient support platform means that you can stay in the loop with your own home care – or the home care of your loved ones – with as much ease as possible, and at Smithfield Home Caring, we strive to ensure that we provide a multitude of ways for you to contact us, should you ever need to. We really do offer a flexible, 24 hour service for all of our clients and their families.
So, if you’re looking for the best home care available in Smithfield, and your needs include domiciliary care, dementia care, palliative care, or disability care, then get in touch with Smithfield Home Caring. We offer consultations for any of our potential clients, so don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our home care specialists on 1300 875 377, or email info@homecaring.com.au. We can help you to have the best care that you possibly can, all from the comfort of your own home and community.

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