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Home Caring are your first port of call for in-home care in Jindalee. Reliable, experienced and trustworthy, we offer an array of home care packages, whether you are looking for dementia care, disability care, domiciliary care, respite care, palliative care or another service. Bespoke to each client, we will work with you to give you or your loved one the care that you need whilst ensuring that independence is at the forefront. Our team of carers and nurses are fully-trained, qualified and experienced, guaranteeing a service that will support you and your needs to the fullest. 

We understand that people want to stay in their beloved home where they have made cherished memories. That’s why our homecare services are ideal. Making you/your family member feel comfortable and supported, we put their wellbeing and dignity as top priorities. 

Domiciliary Care Jindalee 

We will guide you on which home care package is suitable for your needs, whether you need a basic level of care or a high level of care. The home care (otherwise known as domiciliary care) packages are split into four different levels and the type of level that’s appropriate for you will depend on the level of care that you need. Subsidised by the government, they are appropriate for the elderly, as well as a younger person that is suffering from a mental illness or disability. 

Home Caring puts its four core values – care, quality, innovation and excellence as a top priority with all of our in-home care services. Adapting each service to fit an individual’s specific needs, they are available 24/7. We also offer an emergency support service if it is required – so that you know that we are always there to help if you need us. 

Dementia Care Jindalee

At Home Caring, we know how hard it is when you or your loved one is diagnosed with dementia. A progressive condition that can affect those of all ages and will change their lives forever, it’s important that they have the appropriate support when they need it. We work alongside our partners, Dementia Caring to offer in home dementia care services that are suitable for those suffering from the condition. 

From assistance within the home (such as help with housekeeping) to preparing meals, feeding and grooming our understanding and passionate carers are there to help. They can also help the client with attending important doctor’s visits, suggesting specialist therapies and can assist by creating a healthcare routine. 

No matter what support and assistance you or your loved one needs, Home Caring will make sure that you receive it whilst allowing you to still feel independent. 

Aged Care Jindalee

Specialists in the field, we have years of experience assisting with aged care. Our aged care assistance at home services are professional, reliable and affordable which makes them accessible for everyone. We will only deliver the highest quality of aged care, whether you or your family member needs help with:

  • Dementia care
  • Palliative care
  • Home care
  • Respite care (including overnight respite care)
  • Alzheimer’s care
  • Convalescence care
  • Nursing, wound care and rehabilitation
  • Medication management and monitoring 

We know that the demand for aged care services in Australia has steadily grown throughout the years, along with the price. That’s why we only offer the best home care packages and prices that won’t cost you the world. Don’t compromise on quality for the price, instead, choose a home care provider that you can trust. Helping 100’s of people in Jindalee and the surrounding area, Home Caring will give you support, companionship and the medical assistance you need to feel as comfortable as possible. 

Palliative Care Jindalee 

We know that it’s an incredibly difficult and distressing time when you or a loved one contracts a terminal illness. That’s why we only offer the highest quality of palliative care services in Jindalee. With 24/7 assistance and one-to-one support, you can feel as at ease as possible and can enjoy the time that you have left surrounded by your family and compassionate carer. Your carer will treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve, alongside helping you with:

  • Continence care
  • Support with managing your pain
  • Personal care – from preparing food to grooming and dressing
  • Pet care
  • Help around the house 
  • Physical and emotional support
  • Assistance you when you want to move around your home
  • Medication assistance 
  • Companionship 
  • Conversation 
  • Helping you to make crucial decisions in regards to your condition

We know that you want to feel as comfortable within your home as possible. So our trained carers will take the time to get to know you, assist when they can and keep you company – so that you are living your life to the full, whilst ensuring that you are fully prepared for what will happen. 

Disability Care Jindalee

Are you or a loved one suffering from a disability and need assistance? Home Caring is here to help. With a team of trained care professionals that have years of experience in helping those with a disability, you will receive the care and support that you need, whether you need assistance with medication, with transport or another task inside or outside of your home. 

Our in home disability care services can provide care for the following conditions:

  • Epilepsy
  • Cerebral palsy (along with other neurological conditions)
  • Those who have suffered from a brain injury/stroke
  • Cardiac conditions
  • Conditions affecting the respiratory system
  • Motor neurone disease, Huntington’s and other progressive conditions
  • Convalescence, respite and other post-operative neds
  • Special communication or sensory loss needs

NDIS Accredited Provider 

We are proud to say that we are an NDIS registered service provider, which means that we can offer support for those who need assistance with accessing social and community activities, transport and more. Helping you to achieve your goals, the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) will give you or your family member the chance to take part in an activity of their choice. Subsidised by the government, it is suitable for those with a permanent and significant disability. 

Elderly Care Jindalee

Growing older might seem daunting, but at Home Caring we will show you that it’s nothing to be afraid of. Giving you or your loved one a helping hand, our home care services for the elderly can assist with a wide range of in-home or exterior tasks, from help with medication to transporting them to appointments/social events and general housekeeping. 

We know that living on your own can sometimes get lonely. That’s why we offer you or your family member the companionship they require. Prioritising their health, well-being and safety, you can rest assured that they will always be in safe hands – taking the worry off of you if you can’t visit regularly. 

Our in-home services mean that they can stay within their home without having to worry about being moved into a care home. They can still live in the home that they love, whilst receiving the appropriate care. Our elderly care services are also affordable, which means that they will get a high standard of care for a price that won’t cost them the world. 

Senior Care Jindalee 

Do you live in Jindalee and are looking for senior assistant services? We have just the solution. Offering you the support you need whether you are disabled, unable to care for yourself or suffer from a condition, we guarantee professional and bespoke care for each of our clients. Tailoring the service so that it fits your requirements, we aim at improving your day to day life. 

We can offer you the following:

  • Transport services
  • Nursing services
  • Assistance with housework
  • Conversation and companionship
  • Carer and respite relief
  • Assistance with staying healthy and active 

Whether it’s you or your loved one that requires senior care assistance, we want to guarantee peace of mind and exceptional service. If you require specific care, we will also recommend:

  • Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Dietary advice
  • Remedial massage 

Respite Care Jindalee 

We know that life can be busy and that you can’t always be there to look after your loved one. That’s why we offer a variety of respite care services that will help to ease the pressure, whilst ensuring that your family member is looked after. Whether they require live-in respite care (ideal for dementia patients) or temporary respite care, we have the solution. 

Alongside live-in respite care and temporary respite care, we also offer:

  • Support with social activities
  • Assistance with personal care 
  • Nursing services
  • Pet sitting assistance
  • Home maintenance and housekeeping assistance
  • Help with medical appointments
  • Help with food shopping
  • Assistance with preparing meals 

Our respite services are designed to help – whether it’s on a temporary or a more frequent basis. Our 24-hour service respite service is also helpful for those needing care throughout the day and night. 

Private Care Jindalee 

A great benefit of choosing Home Caring is that each of our services is extremely private and unique. Making sure that your needs are met in a way that doesn’t affect your comfort or dignity, we will get to know you and exactly what health care and assistance you require. Our professional carers will also be on hand to talk with you and give you the support you need.

Personal Care Jindalee

Not only are our services private, but they will also be personal to you. Our personal home care services encompass an array of different areas, from providing you with transport to helping around the house when you need it. Home Caring is on hand, whether you need care infrequently, daily, overnight or you require live-in help.  

The Benefits That Come With Choosing Home Caring 

Home Caring know that one size does not fit all. That’s why our tailored services stand out amongst others in the area. When you are living in Jindalee and are looking for a service that’s bespoke for your needs, you don’t need to look any further. Home Caring will create a care package which is unique to you and will take the time to talk with you or your loved one about the care you need. 

So why should you choose us?

Not only do we have a team of trained and experienced staff that are determined to succeed and give you the assistance you need to live your life to the fullest, but we are also reliable, trustworthy (we vet each of our staff through a series of interviews and background/identity checks), we are affordable, are NDIS approved, highly regarded in the industry and offer 24/7 and emergency services. 

Contact Home Caring Today!

Do you want to discover more about our home care services and how we can create a care package that’s bespoke for you or your loved one? Get in contact with us now and we will find the right solution for you! No matter what care service you are looking for, whether it’s respite care, dementia care, aged care, disability care, palliative care, senior care, elderly care or another service, we are your first port of call in Jindalee!

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