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When it comes to your loved ones, you want to know that they are being cared for properly. At Home Caring, we have a dedicated staff committed to providing the highest quality home care in Epping, Sydney, ensuring that the person you know who needs support get the attention and dignity that they deserve.

Home Caring offers a range of domiciliary services in the Epping area. For us, every person we care for is an individual with specific needs and requirements. We never make assumptions about an individual’s care needs. Instead, we work closely with clients and their relatives to build a comprehensive care plan that helps them live the life that they want to lead. A client can rely on us for as little or as much support as he or she needs.

Our Care Services In Epping

Home Caring offers a range of specific services for people with particular conditions or disabilities. We also provide care services designed to augment the work of current caregivers, such as family members or friends. Take a look at our vast range of care services in Epping.

Dementia Care In Epping

People with dementia have specific care needs. Those with dementia are sometimes unable to communicate what they want. When it comes to dementia care, we work closely with the friends and family of the person affected to arrange a regular care package that does everything, from personal care to help with general conversation. A person with dementia may need help with everyday tasks, such as laying the table, shopping, gardening, and taking the dog for a walk.

Our dementia care packages also help people with dementia create personal memory aids that help them to remember where things are around the home and what they put in various cupboards and drawers. We operate a compassionate dementia care service, which adjusts as the condition progresses. At Home Caring, we understand that people can begin to feel more anxious over time as they remember fewer things and struggle to concentrate on conversations. Our role is to support the person and help them to maintain the skills and abilities they enjoyed before they became ill.

Disability Care In Epping

At Home Caring, we take a practical approach to disability care in Epping. Our disability care packages help those with disabilities with a range of activities from housework to bathing. All of our carers are specially trained to help people living with disabilities and can assist with a wide variety of household tasks and lend a hand with things like cooking and cleaning.

The great thing about Home Caring’s service is flexibility. You can hire a carer to help out for just an hour a day, or you can ask for packages that provide 24-hour cover, ensuring that a person living with a disability has access to the care he or she needs around the clock.

Disabilities often don’t stay constant over time. Our home care service in Epping is designed to adapt and adjust to a person’s changing needs, whether their condition improves or gets worse. We offer a range of transferring and lifting services, help with changing needs, washing, and dressing. Our goal is to ensure that a person living with disabilities can continue to live a full and meaningful life. With our support, a person can take care of all the basics and focus on the things that matter to them.

Home Caring provides help to enable patients to access NDIS funds, Supported Independent Living options, and social and community support.

Respite Care In Epping

Care work never ends. A person who needs care doesn’t stop requiring it just because it’s the holidays: support is something that they require every day. For family carers, this can be an exhausting prospect. Although family carers are invariably committed to the people that they care for, they also need a break sometimes to recharge their batteries and live full and exciting lives.

At Home Caring, we offer a range of respite care services. Our respite services allow family carers to take a break, knowing that their loved one is being cared for by trained professionals.

You can use respite care for practically any purpose, including taking a holiday, spending more time with family, or simply because you want to rest for a while. Respite care from Home Caring picks up from where you left off, providing all of the care services that you offered your loved one and any additional care you feel that they need.

We work closely with you and your loved one to create a care plan that offers continuity and fits with their individual preferences. The goal is to create a consistent care experience for people who require care in Epping, ensuring that family caregivers can have their own life, independent from their care work.

Palliative Care In Epping

When a person receives a life-limiting diagnosis, the people who love them want to spend as much time with them as possible. At Home Caring, we understand this, which is why we offer a bespoke palliative care service, designed to support both the client and their family through difficult times.

Palliative care, sometimes called “end-of-life care,” is treatment and support for somebody with a life-limiting illness. The goal of palliative care is to provide the affected person with the support they need to remain as well and active as possible in the context of their condition.

Palliative care from Home Caring in Epping helps with the following:

Support for family members and friends

  • Personal care support, including washing, dressing and preparing foods
  • Spiritual support
  • Psychological and emotional support to manage negative feelings
  • Pain relief and management of other physical symptoms

People often receive palliative care after receiving a “terminal” or “life-threatening” diagnosis. Palliative care is also offered to people with “advanced” or “end-stage” conditions. It’s important to note, however, that palliative care does not necessarily mean that a person is going to die soon. Many people can receive palliative care for years if they have a progressive condition. Furthermore, some people receive palliative care for a time but then go on to make unexpected recoveries and no longer require the service.

In-Home Care In Epping

Often, people who require care do not want to move out of their existing living accommodation. With Home Caring, they don’t have to. Our range of domiciliary care packages means that many more people can retain their independence and do not have to move into a home.

At Home Caring, we focus on providing compassionate, reliable, and trustworthy care services by trained and certified care professionals. Our goal is to give you complete peace of mind. We’re more than just a care service: we’re partners with a common goal of making life better for all.

We take a bespoke approach to every client because we know that every person is unique and has specific needs. We work with you and the person who needs care to devise a sustainable and suitable care plan. The care plan can include all kinds of items, from giving medication to helping with the gardening. At Home Caring, we’re flexible, and we know that each person wants something slightly different from a care service. For some, it’s emotional and psychological support, for others it’s having somebody to keep them company, and for others still, it’s getting help with standing up and sitting down.

The Reasons For Choosing Home Caring In Epping

There are so many reasons to choose Home Caring for your care needs.

We Are Trained And Certified Care Professionals

At Home Caring, we believe that care should be a professional service. That’s why every member of our care team is highly trained and certified in aged care and ageing support. Training and certification ensure that every carer is able to perform specialised tasks in the care environment, including creating bespoke care plans based on individual need.

We Go The Extra Mile To Accommodate A Client’s Needs

At Home Caring, we don’t believe that care services should be limited to just the basics: personal care, mobility assistance, preparing meals and providing medication. We think that a care service should be comprehensive, providing the full range of support that a person needs in every aspect of their lives.

First, we offer companionship and support. At Home Caring, we know that many people living in the Epping area are lonely and need a friend. With support and friendship from care workers, a person who has care needs can enjoy positive social interactions.

Second, we offer fingernail and foot care. Even if a person has more pressing physical needs, we understand that their feet and hands do not go away and still require attention.

Third, we offer wound care and first aid. People in care are at a higher risk of falling and injury, meaning that care workers need to be able to respond if there is an accident. We train all our care professionals in first-aid and offer wound care for those with pre-existing injuries.

We Help You Access Government Funding

Did you know that you might be eligible for a government-funded Home Care Package? The Home Care Package you receive will depend on the findings of the Aged Care Assessment Team; a government department tasked with evaluating an individual’s care needs from Level 1 to Level 4. Once you have had an evaluation, you may then be eligible for financial support.

At Home Caring, we can help you navigate the process of getting funding for care work and provide you with a private plan if you’re currently awaiting approval.

We Offer A Trustworthy Service

All too often, care providers don’t put in place the necessary processes to ensure client safety. At Home Caring in Epping, safety and trustworthiness is our top priority. Therefore, we perform background checks on all of the people we hire and conduct in-depth interviews. We also provide regular training for all carers to keep the standard of care work high and in line with state-of-the-art processes.

We Are NDIS And Aged Care Approved

Home Caring has both NDIS and Aged Care accreditation.

We Are Available At All Times Of The Day

At Home Caring, we believe that people should be able to talk to somebody about the care their loved one is receiving at any time of day. Feel free to call us with issues, concerns or questions at any point, and we will work to address them quickly.

Book A Consultation

If you require in-home care, dementia care, disability care, respite care, palliative care, or aged care in Epping, Sydney, then get in touch with us today. In your free consultation, we’ll guide you through the care packages that we offer and the many ways in which we can help, support and foster the independence of your loved one.

Once your consultation is complete, we will have completed a plan that fits your specifications. The discussion is an opportunity for you to raise any concerns that you may have about the service. It also gives you a chance to meet the team and see what it is that we do.

Get A Higher Standard Of Domiciliary Care In Epping With Home Caring

Home Caring has been offering care to people in Epping for more than two decades. In that time, we’ve refined our service and have served more than 900 clients. We’re continually learning from client feedback and have excellent processes in place to ensure a high standard of care. It’s no wonder we’ve been doing what we do for so long.

If you’re looking for a care service which provides not only home care but a wide range of associated services, such as dementia and disability care, in the Epping area, then you’ve come to the right place.

Speak to us today at our location in Kings Park, Sydney and find out more about how we can help you help your loved one achieve a higher quality of life. Take the stress out of care and get a service you can always rely on.

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