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When you’re looking for a professional home care option in Elsternwick, Home Caring offers experienced carers to meet your needs. Our range of home care services can meet many needs, whether you want a home carer to complete a few tasks a day for an hour or two or you need 24-hour care. We can provide a compassionate and caring service, no matter what you require. Our home care services include specialist care for people with dementia, disability care, respite care, and more. We offer bespoke in home care packages that are designed to fit every individual’s needs and preferences so no two care packages will be exactly the same.

Our Services

Home Caring has an extensive range of domiciliary and home care services in Elsternwick and the surrounding region. We have years of experience and over 200 members of staff who all have the training and experience to deliver top quality care services. Our range of home care services includes specialist care for certain situations to provide the best care possibilities for all.

Dementia Care in Elsternwick

Dealing with dementia is tough for everyone. It’s troubling to receive a dementia diagnosis and to face the symptoms, and it’s also upsetting to watch someone you love have to cope with it. When someone with dementia requires care to help them keep living their life, home care is an excellent option. It allows them to stay in their own home, which can be very beneficial for someone with dementia who could find it distressing to relocate to somewhere unfamiliar. Dementia is a progressive illness, so having a service like Home Caring that can adjust your care plan to suit changing needs is essential.

Disability Care in Elsternwick

Disabled people with a range of disabilities can benefit from home care. People of all ages might require help with managing their daily needs or with things like getting out into the community and being more social. If you or a loved one needs help at home, our disability services in Elsternwick are available to deliver what you’re looking for. We are a registered NDIS provider, helping you to access disability care services and make the most of your NDIS funds. We can help with personal care needs, as well as help you to live life to its fullest by providing support outside of your home.

Respite Care in Elsternwick

We understand that caring for a loved one can take its toll on anyone. Being able to take a break from your caring position gives you the time to take care of yourself and refresh yourself before returning. Whether you want to take a trip away for a while or you just want someone to take over your caring duties while you relax at home, our respite care services make it possible for you to do so. We can offer respite care for various lengths of time, from a couple of hours to overnight care or even longer.

Palliative Care in Elsternwick

Everyone should have the best care available at the end of their life. Palliative care is designed to make people as comfortable as possible when in the final stages of an illness. Home Caring offers palliative care at home to residents of Elsternwick so that you can have the reassurance that you or a loved one will be well cared for. Our services include emotional support and companionship, helping to care for the emotional impact of someone approaching the end of their life, and not just taking care of the practical things. We deliver a range of care services and act as a support during a difficult time too.

Bespoke Packages for Domiciliary Care in Elsternwick

We believe that all of our clients deserve to have the care that meets their needs. Our tailored care packages make sure that you get the home care that you require, with nothing missing and no services that you don’t need or want to pay for. During your initial consultation, we can discuss how we can help you and start to create a care plan that helps to tick all of the boxes. We speak to you and to your loved ones to determine what you’re looking for and what we can do to assist you.

When creating a care package, we don’t just focus on meeting medical and care needs. To treat everyone as an individual, it’s important to take routines and habits into account and try to incorporate them into care schedules. Care should fit around your life, instead of expecting life to change completely so that the care can be provided. Having someone come into your home and start to do some of the things you might once have been capable of doing yourself can feel unsettling, but our bespoke care services can help to make the changes easier.

Why Choose Home Care

Home care offers a range of excellent benefits for people looking for flexible care solutions. The primary benefit of home care services is that you can receive the care that you need without anyone having to leave their home. Whether you need care for yourself or you’re looking for help from a loved one, staying at home ensures you have your usual comforts and an environment that you’re familiar with. Having to move out of your home and live somewhere else, especially with many other people, can be daunting and stressful. Home care allows you to remain in your home and live more independently.

When you choose home care services in Elsternwick, you benefit from professional, trustworthy and highly-skilled caregivers. All of our caregivers have been assessed to ensure they are up to our high standards and can deliver excellent care in your home. You can get to know your carers, who will provide personalised care that fits around your life. Your carers are not just there to carry out daily tasks but can also be a support and companion for you too. We can take care of all of your needs to make you more comfortable at home.

Home care is a flexible option, which is usually a benefit over other care types. You can adjust your care plan to suit current needs, rather than being stuck sticking to one routine. In a residential care setting, residents might be required to eat at certain times, have little choice for what to eat, only get out on scheduled outings, and more. However, with home care, you can decide how it’s going to fit around your life. If you ever want to make any changes, it’s easy to do without any hassle.

How Home Caring Helps

At Home Caring, we know that it can be hard to trust the care of someone you love to other people. Our staff have years of experience in care and we focus on a person-centred home care service in Elsternwick. We aim to provide a flexible service that fits around what you want, going above and beyond to deliver more than just home help. Our experienced staff have been stringently vetted to ensure they meet our strict standards and can provide the necessary level of nursing or caring standards. They are also there for you as support and companionship.

When you have a consultation with us, we will talk about the medical and nursing requirements that you have. We can discuss our available services and the types of services that might meet your needs. It’s also important to use this time to discuss individual preferences and how home care can fit around the client’s lifestyle. We want to get to know our clients personally so that we can provide services that fit around their lives. Taking personal preferences into account is important if our care services are going to benefit them as much as possible.

Everyone has different needs, which is why our extensive services offer so many ways to get the help that you need. As well as medical and personal care requirements, we can help to fulfil any other requests that will help you live your life to your full potential. We can help our clients to get out and about, interacting with the environment and with the community. Many people struggle with limited mobility and getting out of the house, but our care services and support can help to make it easier. We offer support that makes new experiences and social engagement possible for all.

Book a Consultation

If you’re ready to know more about home care in Elsternwick and how it can help you, you can arrange a free consultation. During a consultation, we can discuss your needs and start to build a care plan to deliver the services that will best suit your situation. If you have any questions about the services that we offer, you can get in touch by calling 1300 875 377, email us at info@homecaring.com.au or request a callback at a time that works for you using our online tools. We can help you to understand how home care can work for you.

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