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Home Caring offers a range of home care services across Chipping Norton, and we’re always happy to discuss these services with new clients. If you’re looking for a home care service for a loved one or for yourself, we’re ideally placed to provide those services in a professional and reliable manner. And it all happens without the care recipient having to be taken from their home at all.

We’re proud to serve the community here in Chipping Norton and we believe we’re best placed to help anyone who’s in need of care. Home care offers a range of businesses, as do the specific services we offer here at Home Caring. You can find out more about them both below.

How Home Care Helps People

To help you decide whether a home care service is right for your family needs, we’re going to look at how it helps people and the benefits it brings.

One to One Tailored Care

When you make use of home care services or someone in your family does, the care provided will be on a one to one basis. This means that it can be tailored to the individual’s specific needs and they’ll be assisted and helped each day in a way that works best for them.

There are all kinds of care that can be offered to individuals in Chipping Norton, from disability care to respite care or dementia care, among many other kinds. The point is each situation is different and demands a tailored approach that works for the individual, and that’s what home care allows for.

Familiar Surroundings

When a person needs care, it’s often not the best idea in the world to simply rip them from the surroundings that they know and feel comfortable in. In fact, this can make a difficult situation even worse because the person can start to feel anxious and isolated, exasperating existing problems in the process.

When a home care solution is chosen instead, all of those risks and potential problems are entirely avoided and that can only be a good thing for the individual in question. They’ll feel more comfortable in the home and the community that they know so well.

Less Turbulence and Stress

Avoiding stress is a major benefit of home care over many of the alternatives. If the person who needs the care really doesn’t want to have to move out of their home and into a residential care facility, why put them under that stress and cause them all of that unnecessary turbulence when there are good home care options out there.

When a person is already experiencing problems, it never makes sense to put them in a situation where they might be stressed because that mental strain on top of the physical problems the might already be experiencing can be hugely damaging for them.

Pets Can be Kept

This might seem like a relatively small thing but for many people, it really isn’t. Being able to keep your pets with you when the alternative is to move into a care facility where those pets wouldn’t be welcome is a major boost and it means a great deal to so many people.

When a person chooses home care, there’s no need to get rid of their pets. They can stay close by and offer that companionship that’s so important. Pets help to prevent loneliness in some cases, so it’s something that definitely shouldn’t be underestimated because it can be very important indeed.

Couples Can Remain Together

Even more important is the ability of couples to stay together. If one person needs to go into care and a residential care facility is chosen, it results in the couple living in different places. It can be deeply depressing and difficult to deal with that kind of arrangement when they’re each used to being close to one another.

Using a home care service allows them to stay together and look after one another the way they always have while having the more difficult stuff taken care of by our professional care team in the home. It makes a huge difference in how people live their lives and how they’re able to function each day.

Carers Who Are There When They’re Needed

Having carers who can stop by and be there when they’re needed and not be there when they’re not does make a difference. Their care schedule and time in the home can be dictated by the care recipient and their specific needs at any given time. It means they can be there whenever they’re needed.

Not everyone needs or wants care that’s always there and encroaching on their daily lives. Instead, they just want it to be there when it’s needed and that’s what can happen with professional home care services like the ones offered by Home Caring.

Support for Daily Living

Sometimes, it’s the small things and the day to day things that are most difficult when a person is in need of care. Home care services can help with those little things, such as helping around the house with chores or helping the individual shower and get dressed in the morning.

Support can come in all different shapes and sizes and that’s the great thing about the flexibility of home care services. Each situation is different and the carers can focus on what needs to be done on that specific day, and those needs can and will change with time as well.

What to Expect from Home Caring in Chipping Norton

Here are all of the positive things you and your family can expect from our Chipping Norton services. We’ve already helped lots of people in the area and we’re ready to help you or a loved one of yours.

A Free Consultation

When you first contact us about using our services of having them used by a loved one, we’ll begin with a free consultation. This is so that you can learn even more about our services and what we can do for you or your loved one who’s in need of care in the home.

This free consultation will also help us to understand your situation better so that we can get all of the important information about your situation and start thinking about the best way to offer our services and to meet the needs of the individual requiring care.

A Care Package That Works for the Patient

We always focus on offering a specific care package that works for the patient and their needs. We know that each individual is different and their care needs are different as well. Therefore, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to the services we provide; we tailor them accordingly.

It’s a big part of the care service we offer because we know that too often people’s needs aren’t met by the carers they hire but that’s not something you have to worry about when using our services here at Home Caring. We care about each individual’s needs and always take them into account.

Disability Support

One of the types of care service we offer is disability support. If you’re looking for a care service that provides care specifically designed to be used by a person with a disability, we can provide that. We have a team of people who know how to offer that kind of care properly and correctly.

It’s far from the only type of care we offer though. In Chipping Norton, we currently offer dementia care, domiciliary care, respite care and palliative care, as well as general home care services that can be adapted to the needs of the individual.

Trusted and Experienced Care Professionals

Our team of carers are professionals who take their jobs very seriously, while also offering service with a smile to each individual they work with. They’re trusted and experienced, so they’ll have no problem at all getting their work done to the highest of standards each day.

Each person is checked and interviewed thoroughly before they’re allowed to work for us as carers. And once they do work for us, we demand the highest standards from them because that’s what our care recipients deserve.

Accredited Care Providers

Here at Home Caring, we’re accredited by NDIS and Aged Care. The fact that’s we’re approved as care provided by these organisations should give you greater peace of mind. We know that choosing the right care provider for yourself or a loved one can be tough and scary.


But the process of making that choice doesn’t need to be difficult when you turn to Home Caring. We have a fantastic track record and we’re highly regarded in the community and beyond. You’ll find it easy to put your trust in us.

Our services are available to anyone in Chipping Norton, and you just need to get in touch if you feel your family will benefit from the services we offer. We’ll learn about your needs and formulate a relevant care strategy. You can find all our contact details here on our website.

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Google Rating
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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.