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If you’re looking for home care in Glen Waverley, Home Caring can provide a variety of services to meet your requirements. We have years of experience delivering home care services in the area and elsewhere. Throughout our time in the care industry, we have developed plenty of knowledge and understanding about the experiences and needs of people who need care and their loved ones.

We know that it can be difficult to deal with any situation when someone requires extra care to help them live their life. Our tailored and flexible service is designed to make it easier for you to arrange the care that you need. We work with you and your family to create an individual home care package that delivers essential services.

Our Home Care Services

Home Caring offers a number of services for home care in Glen Waverley. We can cover many different needs with our diverse selection of services, which include short-term and long-term care options.

  • Dementia care: for dementia care in Glen Waverley, choose Home Caring. Our services are individually tailored to provide the right care for anyone with dementia or other memory conditions. We combine our skilled carers with a range of services and therapies to create the best care packages.
  • Palliative care: we provide end of life care to help people to be more comfortable when they need it most. Our palliative care services in Glen Waverley include personal care, emotional support and companionship, as well as symptom and pain management. We can provide overnight respite care for clients requiring palliative care too.
  • Disability care: as a registered NDIS provider, we can help you to maximise your funds to get the disability care that you need. We want to make it as easy as possible to gain access to the care that you need, and offer a number of services, ranging from personal care to connecting with the community and taking part in activities.
  • Respite care: being a primary caregiver can take its toll, but respite care can give you a break. Our respite care services allow you to leave your loved one’s care in safe hands while you pay attention to your own self-care. Taking care of yourself will benefit your loved one, and allow them to have a break of sorts too.
  • Domiciliary care/home care: everyone should be able to live comfortably at home if they can do some safely. We help our clients to achieve this with our domiciliary care services in Glen Waverley.

All of our clients benefit from bespoke care packages that take all of their needs into account. Our home care services can range from regular visits and help with personal tasks to 24-hour care, complete with specialist nursing care.

Flexible Care Packages

We are proud to offer flexible packages for home care in Glen Waverley. Being able to customise all care packages to suit the client is essential if you want to focus on person-centred care. Our packages can all be created and adapted with the client’s individual needs in mind. With our large selection of services, we can carry out many different tasks every day. Ensuring both the client and their family have a say when it comes to designing a care plan is extremely important to us. The home care package must consider not just the medical and practical needs of the client but also their personal preferences.

Our aim is to ensure that all of our clients feel happy in their own home and can still enjoy a level of independence for as long as possible. Being able to establish routines in a familiar environment is essential, particularly for people with dementia and other memory problems. We try to fit our services around the lives of our clients so that they can maintain their habits and preferences. With our flexible approach to home care, we can constantly adapt to changing needs and preferences. We are always prepared to modify and update care plans and the services that we provide.

Our clients and their families are at the centre of the services we provide. We make an effort to get to know you and follow your wishes when it comes to delivering our services. We consult with clients and their families before creating a care package and welcome feedback to help up perfect the plans that we create.

Aged Care in Glen Waverley

As we get older, we can all end up needing some extra care to help us remain independent. Our aged care services can help with the variety of challenges that you might face as an older adult. From issues with mobility to social isolation, we can provide services that address some of the most common problems. Our friendly and efficient in-home care in Glen Waverley helps individuals and couples to stay in their homes and receive the assistance that they need. Our comprehensive services deliver all of the help that you might need from specialist carers.

Dementia Care in Glen Waverley

Dementia is a problem that many people face in their later years, and sometimes even earlier. Dealing with dementia is difficult both for the person diagnosed and for those around them. It can be distressing to live with, and a confusing time for everyone. However, the right care can help to ease the burden. Our dementia care services offer specialty care designed for people with dementia to address the unique challenges that they may face. We can help with everything from personal grooming and outings to managing doctor’s appointments and other medical needs.

Disability Care in Glen Waverley

Our disability care services give you a care plan that will match your individual needs for care in your home. Home Caring is a NDIS approved service provider and we can help you to make the most of your NDIS funds. Our range of disability care services includes home help, as well as support in the community, day programs, Supported Independent Living Options, and more. Our Case Managers use their extensive knowledge and experience to develop individual care plans for all of our clients. They work together with clients and their families to deliver solutions that meet their wants and needs.

Palliative Care in Glen Waverley

Palliative care provides care for people at the end of an illness, with the aim of helping to make them more comfortable. Our palliative home care in Glen Waverley includes services such as support for daily living, pain relief, help with housework and meal preparation and providing respite and overnight care. Our carers offer not just practical help but also companionship and support. We provide attentive and professional carers who are passionate about their work and the people they work with. We aim to deliver the highest standards of palliative care.

Respite Care in Glen Waverley

Respite care is designed to allow primary caregivers to take a break and look after themselves. Respite care is beneficial both to the carer and to the person being cared for, allowing both of them to have some time away from each other. For carers, it’s important to look after yourself before you can do your best when caring for someone else. Our respite care services deliver home care in Glen Waverley to provide care for your loved ones when you’re away from home.

The Benefits of Home Care

Home care services have a range of benefits for anyone weighing up the pros and cons of different types of care. Care at home offers safety and security in familiar surroundings. You can ease your mind when it comes to concerns such as getting around at home without any accidents or even loneliness and isolation. Our home care experts fit their services around home life so that it’s most convenient for the client. They can help you to live smarter by taking care of time-consuming tasks around the house, allowing you to focus on the things that you enjoy the most.

Is Home Care Right for You?

Home care is the best choice for many people who are looking for the right care option. We can help you to understand all of the reasons to choose home care over other possibilities so that you can make the right choice. When someone wants to stay in their own home, home care helps them to do it for longer. A loss of independence is a worrying thing to confront for many people, but home care allows for more independence. Both the client and family can get involved in designing the care plan and later making any changes to it.

Arrange a Free Consultation

Home Caring offers free consultations to help you get started with our home care services. If you’re looking for home care in Glen Waverley, we can discuss your needs and create an individualised care plan that delivers on all of your requirements. Get in touch with us today to find out more about home care and how our services can help you access the best care.

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