Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living

Any effect care giving strategy is only perfected when it can cater to a wide array of clients, with a wide array of needs. You may be familiar with our home caring services, but we also provide supported independent living (SIL) support, especially for those who need round the clock assistance.

But what is supported independent living, and how might it benefit you?

Simply put, supported independent living is a means in which supervision or help with your daily tasks, helping you grow, and enabling you to live in a home space that caters to your particular needs. This, in turn, will permit you to access your highest possible quality of life.

Enter Soteria

Soteria, part of our network, is a locally owned organization with several supported living homes in New South Wales, in regions such as Shoalhaven, Macarthur, Liverpool and Illawarra. Soteria is a name inspired by the Ancient Greek goddess of safety and salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm. It is those ideals that we choose to live up to day after day, and numerous case studies on our website show how those practical goals are always taken into account.

But what helps Soteria stay ahead of the curve? First, their excellent, beautifully curated homes have been designed for those with complex needs in mind, such as living residences being supplied with vehicles to enable quick and easy access to medical appointments. As the living daily schedule can often be a struggle for those with complex needs, nothing has been left out, as a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians are ready and waiting to help you with the practical realities of your daily life.

What Services Are Available?

There are many excellent services available within a supported independent living program.

They include:

  • Money management.
  • Cooking healthy meals.
  • Support in maintaining your home, such as cleaning and doing laundry.
  • Continual, round-the-clock support for those with complex needs.
  • Access to speech therapy services.
  • The ability to customize and adopt treatments advised by your physicians, adopted into the comfortable environment of your home.
  • Active encouragement.
  • Community with others in Soteria’s support network.
  • Safety and security as an essential provision.

Soteria is fully invested in helping you live the best life you can. To that extent, we understand that certain people may have fewer or further needs depending on their current situation. Soteriais able to provide a wide array of services necessary for each individual and will consider and support each case on an individual basis. This way, they are able to focus on a detailed strategy toward your continual care, evaluate progress and help you to find the changes you need to enjoy living independently.

What If I’m Not Sure?

Soteria will never force you into making a decision, nor will they ignore your most sensitive requests. While you may be interested in these services, it’s important that you contact us before you come to your decision, as we will be able to gain a clearer picture about you needs, and we will be able to make that first contact.

We believe that through a series of conversations and a more itemized inspection of the services we offer, that you will be impressed by our professionalism and willingness to make that work. We look forward to speaking to you.

We are committed to a detailed transition plan so that you can be sure this is the right decision for you.

How Can I Communicate My Needs?

It is understandable that when considering a new living situation, nervous emotions may present themselves. Finding a new place to call your own is not always the easiest thing to consider, and when you have particular needs to consider, this can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, we are more than aware of how you might be feeling, and so have dedicated ourselves to making this process safe, easy, and completely secure.

It can help to think about what your needs are before contacting, but we can also help you come to those conclusions. A few worthwhile questions to ask yourself may be:

  • Would I be willing to share a house, or do I wish for fully independent living? No that this may reflect on the cost of accommodation.
  • What disabilities or extra needs do I have, and how do they manifest themselves into the kind of support I require?
  • What access to care and insurance do I have, and how might I evidence this when contacting Soteria?
  • What questions would I like to ask, and what am I interested in learning?
  • What are the ideal needs I would like fulfilled, or what are my secondary considerations?

Of course, some of these questions may not be relevant to you, but it can be worth considering the ones that are. This way, you will be able to give a more accurate summary of your needs, and with that information, Soteria can find a supported living situation just perfect for you.

What Makes Supported Independent Living So Special?

Supported Independent Living is special for a variety of reasons, but it is starting to become the norm in the caregiving apparatus because it seeks the cared-for individual as not a list of symptoms or struggles with a disability, but rather an autonomous human being with the true right to a great quality of life. This means that even to begin with, the care is tailored around the daily practicalities you have to live with, rather than forcing you to an ideal straight away.

This means a more cohesive approach can be taken. It also means that taking your living needs and providing for them step-by-step can approximate the best result, one you can ease into, rather than throwing yourself into a shocking and radical change immediately.

Some of the benefits you will experience are:

  • Further supported autonomy which can grow confidence and help you in the areas you would like to find assistance within.
  • Connecting with the community of supported independent living focused individuals, be that in a shared house or community.
  • Understanding your disability further, as well as helping you grow within your set of needs to feel more autonomous and independent.
  • Feeling less afraid to ask for help, and less anxious about the daily realities of practical life management.
  • A truly consistent set of support services.
  • Security and safety as a paramount concern.
  • Keeping you up-to-date with your medical treatments, and allowing you to access the palliative care you need at all times.
  • Flexibility in care depending on your needs.

It’s not hard to see how these measures and many like them can combine into a completely new mode of living, one defined by support, care, mutual respect, and attentiveness. For those who have struggled to maintain their daily living situation as well as they would have liked before now, this can revolutionize their understanding of what quality of life means. It can feel like finally coming home.

What Standards Can I Expect?

Standards are everything when it comes to supported independent living. While there are a growing number of providers starting to offer this kind of service, Soteria offers these as a guarantee:

  • Never outright dismissing you based on sensitive, unique or individual needs. We are confident that we can apply the right solution for you. As such, contacting us and discussing your vital needs is always the most appropriate choice.
  • Helping you feel as autonomous as possible within your new living situation.
  • Giving you the tools to feel confident and respected within your new living space.
  • Helping you ensure that the medical care you receive is second to none, as attending appointments and keeping up with medication can be as important as finding the best course of treatment in the first place.
  • Seeing you as more than a disability or a set of struggles, as while we are extremely careful and detailed about how we manage your care, you are more than a set of boxes to be ticked.
  • World-class support and communication, allowing you to stay continually updated and to have your needs known.
  • Total privacy and discretion. For further details, we would warmly recommend familiarizing yourself with our privacy policy.

These are but a few of the standards we hold ourselves to each and every day, as we know that care is only as capable as the caregiver that offers it. You can expect the best service.

What Are The Goals Of Supported Independent Living Services?

It’s important to note that any caregiving approach worth its salt is aimed directly at helping you live the best life you can despite the struggles you may face. However, it is also an industry that should, in its most ideal form, try to lessen your use of them. Not all caregiving needs to be an eternally-focused approach, as often people can and will get better. This is why a worthwhile supported independent living provider should offer you the best for your needs now, in the future, and aimed towards your most ideal independent living situation.

Remember, not all providers will share the same goals. This is why we have decided to itemize those below. Our goals are:

  • To support you right up until the point you can confidently move on from those services. Some clients will stay for years, some for eighteen months, some less than a year. Every participant is different, and should be regarded as such.
  • Confidence and understanding must be enhanced. It’s important for a patient to feel both aware and strong within their care strategy, supported by the best clinicians around.
  • A regular, stable mode of living. Allowing for a stable abode, a comfortable support network, regular measurements of your progress and the ability to see how far you have come is essential for building stability and peace.

Put simply, supported independent living services are there to help you feel more like you. It can be hard to do that with needs that are being neglected, or an uncomfortable living situation. When your basic happiness and care is being provided for, you can work on the challenges that may have defined your struggle so far. This pertains to true self-ownership and autonomy, however you define that in your situation.

How Can I  Get Started?

Soteria offers a wide array of available homes. You can also contact us and discuss your needs, as well as refer us to your physician. Calling our contact number at 1300 835 514 can be a great way of setting up the initial conversation, but if you wish for a longer enquiry or for email deliveries, you can find us at Additionally, reading some of the case studies on our website can help you find out more about the kind of care you may receive.

We look forward to speaking with you and starting your supported living journey.

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