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6 accessible activities for Easter

Easter is a wonderful opportunity to get away from your usual routine, spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy a well-earned rest. Before you start planning your long weekend, here are six accessible activity ideas so that everyone can have a great time, no matter their ability.

1. Hunt for those eggs!

Who doesn’t love a classic Easter egg hunt? Whether you’re organising it for kids, adults, or both, there are plenty of ways to make it exciting. Hide eggs around your backyard, your local park, or even inside your home if the weather isn’t great. To make it more accessible, use large, brightly coloured eggs for better visibility, and hide them in easy-to-reach spots. You could also assign each person a specific colour to hunt for, so everyone has a fair chance at finding eggs.

2. Enjoy nature.

Autumn is a lovely time to be outside – it’s not too hot, but it’s still warm enough to enjoy the fresh air. Whether you have a picnic in a nearby park, go for an easy bushwalk, or visit your local botanic gardens, there are so many different ways to connect with nature this Easter. One activity to try is fruit picking. Along with getting some exercise and trying some fresh produce, many farms also have animals that you can visit and interact with.

3. Visit a show or community event.

Having a disability shouldn’t stop you from getting out and about. Plenty of community events, activities and shows have information available on accessibility, and features such as sensory rooms that you can look up prior to attending. The Sydney Royal Easter Show, for example, has an accessibility map and information on when the quieter days are, so you can plan a fun day out for everyone. Check with your NDIS registered service provider to see if they can provide assistance on the day.

4. Get creative in the kitchen.

For an easy activity, try an Easter-themed baking or cooking session! From baking mouth-watering treats like hot cross buns and cookies to preparing a tasty Easter feast together, there’s lots of ways to have fun with food. Try a traditional recipe such as a roast dinner, or enjoy a family favourite that everyone loves. Another fun and easy activity is cake decorating. Buy a pre-made cake and decorate it with your own icing, sprinkles, and other sweet treats.

5. Try some DIY Easter craft.

In the lead-up to Easter, one fun activity is to make Easter crafts such as paper flowers, cards to give away, DIY Easter baskets, or if you’re feeling fancy, a homemade wreath made with fresh flowers and other natural items. Depending on who is taking part, choose projects that have materials that are easy to use, and make sure the instructions are easy to follow. Chat to your NDIS service providers to see if they can provide support and ideas for easy craft projects.

6. Explore your favourite museum.

Spend the long weekend learning about your favourite topic by visiting a museum. Whether you’re interested in art, science, animals, geology, local history or technology, there are plenty of options for people of all ages. Museums also offer accessibility services and sensory-friendly exhibits, so everyone can have a great experience on the day. Also make sure you check if your NDIS provider can offer support for an activity, according to your plan.

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