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How To Prepare For Your NDIS Plan Review

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If you are a part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) then you may be aware that there is an annual review that will help ensure that your plan is meeting your needs. It may be a little nerve-racking at first to go through an NDIS review, but it’s essential if you want to make any adjustments to your plan. It’s also helpful if you have questions that you want to ask your National Disability Agency (NDIA) planner, Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) partner. When is my NDIS plan review? In most cases, your…

How to Help Your Loved One Navigate the Home Care Package Process

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Everyone likes to think that they’ll continue leading independent lifestyles as they age. For most people, there’s no reason why that goal cannot be a reality. However, some people may need care and support as they get older to continue having independence and freedom. While some relatives, especially children, may offer to become primary carers and provide in home care for their elderly parents or family members, it’s not always a realistic solution. As you can appreciate, most family members already have families of their own to support. Plus, few family members are fully trained and qualified care professionals. That…

Why It’s Important to Care for the Carers

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It’s no secret that providing home care for a loved one is no mean feat. And when you provide 24/7 in home care for a relative with a physical or mental disability (or both), the job can be even more challenging and demanding. The sad truth is that the ‘silent army’ of volunteers that rise to the challenge of caring for their loved ones seldom get much support themselves. As you can imagine, it’s a thankless role, yet it’s one they willingly do out of love and respect for those closest to them in their lives. Many children feel they…

Why respite care matters

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Caring for another person is one of the most valuable unpaid jobs you can do, whether you are supporting someone with a disability, mental illness, chronic disease or who is frail aged. It can also be a tiring, stressful and overwhelming task. If you don’t regularly take time out from your caring responsibilities, you may develop burnout: a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. The importance of taking a break If you care for a loved one, it’s okay to take a break now and then. In fact, this is an essential part of being a good carer, as…

Compassionate care gives Geoffrey a voice

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Art is a great way to explore our emotions and relate to the outside world. Someone who knows this well is Geoffrey, a resident at Soteria Independent Living’s home in Edmonson Park, a suburb in Sydney’s south-west. Every Monday morning, the 42-year-old enjoys taking part in creativity sessions with his art therapist. His skills have grown over the months, shown by the growing collection of brightly-coloured paintings that decorate Geoffrey’s home. Even better, art has given him a voice. This is a significant achievement because Geoffrey is nonverbal, and lives with moderate intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder. Geoffrey was…

Helping others can sometimes be the best medicine

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Cooking bacon on the barbie is one of Marcus’ favourite things to do on a Thursday morning. This isn’t just his typical breakfast. Marcus is a volunteer cook for Survivor’s R Us: a charity that supports people experiencing domestic violence, homelessness and unemployment. A few times a week, the organisation runs free BBQ breakfasts in the northern NSW town of Cardiff. Marcus enjoys being a part of the team, as it gives him a chance to socialise with people while helping those in need. The opportunity came at the perfect time in his life as six months ago, Marcus was…

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