Client story: partnering with Wayne in his care
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Client story: partnering with Wayne in his care

Great home care is a team effort that always puts the person at the centre of their care. To see this in action, look no further than Wayne: a Southern Highlands local and Home Caring client.

The Bowral Home Caring team first met Wayne over five months ago, when he gave them a call at the recommendation of his daughter.

The 70-year-old was facing several significant health issues that impacted his mobility. He had already been approved for a Level 3 Home Care Package from the government, and was looking for a provider who could provide the support he needed.

Tim King, manager of Home Caring Bowral, talked to Wayne about what he wanted most out of his care. Together they worked out Wayne’s goals: to lose some weight, be happier and feel more comfortable in his home environment.

Wayne had also done a fair amount of research about what he needed, and was keen to be an active participant in his own care plan. “Our clients, like Wayne, have control over their decisions,” says Tim. “We’re not there telling them what to do: we’re there to guide them and support them in everyday things.”

Client story: partnering with Wayne in his care Profile

Since that initial conversation, Wayne has continued to be in control of his care at Home Caring. A small team of qualified care workers – each one well known to Wayne – takes care of his personal needs, assists with domestic chores, prepares healthy meals and does the grocery shopping.

They also listen to Wayne, adapt their care to suit his needs and offer helpful suggestions – especially when it comes to things that align with Wayne’s goals, such as healthy eating.

“I’m more than happy with the service I’m getting. The carers do a great job; they are friendly and they’re very good at listening,” says Wayne.

“I’m often asking them about what would be healthy options. I sit with them for a few days beforehand, and we’ll talk about what we think I need in the next lot of shopping. A lot of their suggestions are really good. I’m now starting to eat salads and not as much bread or meat for the first time in a long time, and cutting down on packets of chips and lollies. This is the healthiest I’ve eaten in many years.”

On top of providing Wayne with regular support, Home Caring has also helped him manage his home care package more economically. This has given Wayne enough funding to purchase a recliner lift chair and a bariatric walker – items that help him reach his goal of living more comfortably at home.

Wayne was actively involved in the process, as he often does his own research regarding certain aspects of his care. “I’m always thinking of ways to help my carers, as well as them helping me,” he says.

According to Tim, this kind of partnership is integral to Home Caring’s approach. “Putting people like Wayne at the centre of their care plan is 100 percent our priority. The whole structure of our service is based around getting our client’s feedback and basing our care on what they want.”

“That’s how it is with everyone that we’re looking after in the community, and in our group home for people living with disability. People tell us their needs; we listen to them, work with them and collaborate with them in their care.”

We hope to make Wayne feel like he is a person who is valued, and that his choices and preferences matter – they really mean something.”

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