Experience the Difference: Why Our Home Care Packages Providers Stand Out
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Experience the Difference: Why Our Home Care Packages Stand Out

It’s important that you think carefully about choosing a home care provider, either for yourself or for a loved one later in life. The level of care, attention to detail, and compassion are all critical features of a home care package provider.

A home care package is a government-funded program that helps those who need care when they cannot provide it for themselves. After all, being able to live independently is essential to live a long a life as possible.

So what makes our home care packages stand out from the rest? Why choose Home Caring for your home care needs, or for those of your loved ones?

What’s included in a home care package

There is a wide range of services offered within a homecare package. When it comes to Home Caring, our services go above and beyond to provide everything you could possibly need. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, you can rest assured that a premium level of care is always provided.

Such care services include the following:

24/7 care

For some individuals, the care needed might be required in the middle of the night or early in the morning. It’s useful to have a home care package that can provide a consistent level of care at all times.

Mobility and independent living aids

For those who require mobility aid or services that help with independent living, aids are provided through our packages. That way, you get the correct type of care depending on the individual in question.

Nursing services and clinical care

As part of the Home Caring packages, nursing services, and clinical care are both readily available if needed. Whether it’s helping to administer medication or taking vitals, this type of care is essential for some to receive.

Meal prep

The process of meal preparation can be tiresome at the best of times, so why not have it done for you? To alleviate some of the pressures of day-to-day life, meal prep is one service that is well-received by many clients.

Social outings

As part of a healthy and independent life, social outings are certainly important. With Home Caring, we can provide social outings to maintain the mental well-being of patients and to continue maintaining relationships with others. Not to mention being able to make new friends!

Reliable transport

Whether it’s doctor’s appointments or taking a trip to see family and friends nearby, reliable transport is always on hand for those who need it. Being able to travel wherever and whenever is a luxury that many don’t consider to be so until it’s no longer available to them.

Care for complex needs

For some, the care needed may require more levels of complexity than others. For some family members who are looking for more specialist care, Home Caring is one that can provide it in abundance.

With home care packages, the level of care can vary from one person to the next. That means the services above might not all be necessary or enough. A tailored plan might be needed to provide the best care for you or a family member.

What makes Home Caring different?

What makes Home Caring so different from other providers? Our care plans are developed to cater to every need, however big or small it may be. All our home care packages are of an exceptional standard and the quality of care received is one that’s appreciated by all of the clients both old and new.

There are over 170 people on board and every team member is passionate about the home care packages they provide to the customers they deal with every day. At Home Caring, you’ll find it hard to find other providers that offer the same highly qualified and trustworthy individuals to look after your care or your family’s care.

What sets us apart from the rest is the innovative and flexible solutions we provide with our packages. There are no limits to what we can provide, whatever those needs might be.

The cost of a home care package

With home care packages providers, the cost can certainly be influential to whether or not it’s something that can be paid for. The package itself is subsidised by the government, depending of course, on which level you are approved for.

This means you will need to contribute a certain amount toward the package. There are two types of fees, a basic daily fee and an income-tested care fee. The basic daily fee is a fee required by everyone to pay and the latter is an extra amount that some will pay depending on their income.

There are four levels of funding available which include anything from basic care to complex care. With Home Caring, we can help determine what level of funding you’ll be best suited for so that you’re not paying too much or too little.

Applying for home care packages with Home Caring

Now that you know our home care packages are the best, here are some helpful tips on how to apply for them with Home Caring.

  • Apply for an assessment through My Aged Care.
  • Complete an assessment within your own home.
  • Receive a home care package approval letter.
  • Receive your allocation letter.

Applying for an assessment is easy and can be done so online, whether it’s with a loved one or on your own. The process in total takes around twenty minutes. The assessment will then take place in the home environment. This will involve an in-depth talk about day-to-day tasks and what type of care you’re eligible for.

You’ll then receive a home care package approval letter and will be replaced on a national waiting list. This will come with a referral code so you can keep an eye on your funding request. Once said package is available, you’ll get a confirmation letter and fifty-six days to choose your care provider. That’s when you’ll contact us!

Get in touch if you’ve received your allocation letter already, or be sure to keep us bookmarked for when the time comes.

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