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Home Care for the Aged

Old age comes to us all and often it brings with it a few things to make life harder. From finding it more difficult to get up and about to being diagnosed with serious and debilitating illnesses, many older people face numerous challenges which can prevent them from doing the things they once did with ease.

When seniors can no longer do the chores, cook, or manage their own personal care needs, for example, it is often left to younger family members to support them, and although this can be a positive thing for both parties, it can lead to burnout and issues with employment, for example. It can also prove to be an uncomfortable experience for one or more parties, leaving seniors feeling frustrated and like they have lost their dignity and causing discomfort for the family members who are tasked with looking after them.

That’s where aged care at home comes in. Home care gives senior people who are unable to fully support themselves the best of both worlds – they are able to stay in the home they know and love while having a team of professionals at their disposal for help with those tasks they can no longer manage. This gives everyone their freedom back along with a whole host of other benefits…

Maintain Independence

One of the biggest benefits of in home care is the independence that it affords older adults. Research conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has shown that older people aged 65+ would rather live in their existing home than moving to a care facility for the aged and home care packages can helo to make that a reality.

Not only that, but it has been shown that independence is hugely beneficial for the physical and mental health of older adults. For example, independent seniors are more likely to get up and about, which means they can maintain levels of strength, balance and flexibility more easily. They are also better able to make their own choices, which is beneficial to mental health, and they are less likely to become isolated from friends, family and neighbours than people in care home facilities.

It’s More Affordable

Senior Care can be an expensive business, particularly if it is based in a care home facility, but when you choose at home aged care, you can save a lot of money. Why is that the case? Because when you or your loved one is being cared for at home, there will be no extra charges for rent and cleaning, amongst other things.

Not only that but when you choose at home elderly care, you are far more able to tailor your package of needs, thus not spending money on unnecessary extras. Your private care providers will tailor their support to meet your unique needs, and as such you will receive a far better, more efficient, and affordable service as a result.

If you are disabled, with the help of NDIS Support Coordination, you may even be able to access funds to cover part or all of your care needs, which can make aged care at home an even more attractive option.

It’s About the Individual

The great thing about in home care is that it’s about you/ your loved one as an individual. Whether you require 24 Hour Care, disability care or respite care you can access the assistance you need when you need it most, and the service will be completely tailored to your needs. Whether you just want someone to come in and help you to make your lunch or you need someone to help you wash, you can be sure that your needs will be first and foremost. You’ll also be able to build up a strong bond with your carers who will get to know you well so that you can have a pleasant time together while your needs are met.

Maintain Routines

A huge factor that makes home care for the aged the perfect solution for seniors is the fact that it is possible to stay at home and thus maintain as much of your routine as you are physically able, and your carer will help you to do that as well as they are able.

Being in familiar surroundings with all of your home comforts, routines and connections can help to keep depression at bay and ensure that you feel fully comfortable at a time when you may be feeling vulnerable.

Family Matters

When you opt for in home care, it’s often far better for family relations than going it alone or relying on family care. Why? Because although your family may be perfectly happy to help you out, it could be uncomfortable for you both, and it could mean that they have to give up work or much-needed free time, which can put a strain on everyone. By outsourcing your care to a third-party, you can get the assistance you need while never having to worry about the impact in your family, and ensuring that time spent together as a family is a truly enjoyable experience for everyone involved. You’ll also be able to stay in the community, which may make it easier for your family and friends to visit you more often than they could in a care home, too.


Many older people who utilise in home care services find that their carers are more like beloved friends than carers once they get to know them. This can be an important factor in choosing in home care because many seniors find themselves feeling lonelier as friends pass on and families move around and this can lead to a real decline in physical and mental health. Luckily, it’s possible to build an excellent rapport with carers who are always up for a chat and a laugh to keep you company. Although the staff in care homes can also be great company, they do not tend to have as much time to sit and chat because they have to care for a number of patients in the facility at the same time and this means it can be much more difficult for them to build friendships with the seniors in their care.

24/7 Care

Many people think that aged care at home is not suitable for elderly people who need round the clock support, but live in care is available so you and your loved ones never have to worry about there being a problem out of hours. They will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing there is always someone there.

Speedier Recovery

There is some evidence to suggest that patients who are recovering from a serious illness or surgery are more likely to recover quickly when they are able to convalesce at home. Not only that, but they are more likely to recover well too. What’s more, they are far less likely to contract a post-operative infection or be readmitted to hospital in the following days and weeks. This is perhaps not surprising as the comforts of home can reduce stress, which can have a powerful effect on the immune system. There’s also the fact that when you’re at home, you will not be coming into contact with as many potentially sick people as you would be in a residential care home or hospital facility, and this can only be beneficial.


If you or your loved one happens to own a beloved pet, the last thing you want is to be separated from them, and that is a major advantage of in home care. Unlike group care homes, which often prohibit the presence of pets, it is possible to keep your much-loved cat, dog or budgie with you when you choose home care for the aged. This is good news when you consider the fact that pets not only provide companionship, but they have also been shown to have numerous health benefits from reducing heart disease to staving off depression. If you have a pet you don’t want to be parted with, be sure to discuss his or her care with your in home care provider because chances are they will be able to support you in keeping him at home.

At HomeCaring, we believe in giving senior family members the support they need to maintain their independence while ensuring that all of their health and care needs are met. That’s why we offer a range of domiciliary care packages from the aged, including care for complex issues, including palliative care, dementia care and overnight care. An NDIS provider, you can trust us to do our very best to enable you and your loved ones to live well.

To ensure the best possible care experience for you and your loved ones, choose NDIS service providers like us. Reach out to our dedicated team by calling 1300 875 377 for more information about our NDIS approved services, or email us at info@homecaring.com.au. We care and we’re here for you,

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