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Home Caring puts the person first

As our business has grown, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to reflect on our culture: who we are, what people can expect from us, and the core values that sit at the heart of HomeCaring.

One thing that has become clear is how important our clients are to us.

As an Australian home care business, we firmly believe that the person comes first. Care should be shaped around individuals, putting their preferences at the centre of all the services that support them. This approach shapes everything we do – from the planning stage down to the practical tasks we do for our clients each day.

What is person-centred care?

Person-centred care is about respecting our clients as individuals, and putting them at the centre of the care we provide. “No two people are the same, so we never assume that what will work for one person will work for another, even if they have the same diagnosis,” says Michaela Brown, operations manager at HomeCaring.

“Instead, we have a person-centric approach that is individualised, flexible and responsive,” she adds. “With a ‘Person First’ culture, it’s all about delivering safe services that really meet our clients where they’re at. We make sure everyone has a voice and is on the same page, so all our clients get the same great service – no matter who is delivering it.”

Why do we need person-centred care?

There have been times in the past when care has been built around systems, and the people who received care were expected to fit in these routines. As a result, services weren’t always tailored to people’s individual needs, lowering the quality of care delivered and – in the worst cases – causing distress for clients and their families.

A better approach is to be flexible and shape routines around each client. This means if someone prefers to eat their meal at a certain time, our carers will flex around their preferences rather than insisting on their own schedule. It also means being responsive to people’s needs. “One of my clients rang me at 5pm because she needed medication urgently as part of the preparation for her procedure,” shares Claire Zhang, who runs HomeCaring Campbelltown. “When I received her phone call at 5pm, I went to get the medication and deliver it to her home address.”

Our care is designed to support people in their independence, which means respecting their choices. After all, we are all used to having control over our daily activities. Home care shouldn’t be any different!

What are the proven benefits of person-centred care?

Current research and our own experience shows that person-centred care has a positive impact on the person being cared for, both in terms of their physical and mental health.
Person-centred care can:

  • improve the experience of receiving care, giving families peace of mind
  • encourage people towards a healthier lifestyle, such as exercise and healthy eating
  • enable people to be more involved in decisions about their care
  • even impact health outcomes
  • help people stay at home for longer
  • improve mental health and wellbeing

What does person-centred care look like at Home Caring?

There are 7 things we focus on at HomeCaring to achieve person-centred care.

We treat you as an individual

No two clients are the same, which means a cookie cutter approach to home care just doesn’t work. First and foremost, person-centred care is all about treating people as individuals. At HomeCaring, this means respecting your values, taking your expressed wishes into account, listening to you, and considering your needs when designing your unique care plan.

We collaborate with you

Although our teams bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and training with them, we certainly don’t see ourselves as the expert in what is ultimately your care. We aim to collaborate and partner with our clients (and where appropriate, their family members and carers) to ensure you take an active role in your care and are happy with the services you receive.

We communicate and listen

We believe the best care happens when everyone is on the same page. To achieve this, we do our best to communicate clearly and openly with you about your care plan, including how your NDIS or home care package funding is being spent. Conversely, we value your feedback and strive to keep the lines of communication open between our clients and carers.

We are sensitive to cultural and family needs

HomeCaring supports people from many different cultures, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Greek, Italian, Arabic and Guyanese communities in Australia. We have many multilingual carers and support coordinators on our team who can speak your native language. This enables us to deliver care this is attuned to a person’s cultural background and needs.

We value your independence

We are positive and affirming in the way we care for seniors and people living with a disability. We focus on what people can do for themselves, and empower them to live as independently as possible. This doesn’t mean we don’t leave you to cope on your own; rather we ensure our services are the best they can be, so you are well-supported to live at home for as long as you choose.

We value your dignity, comfort and safety

We aren’t just concerned about what we do; we also care about how we do it. We treat our clients as people, not just tasks to be completed. Our workers make a real effort to build a good relationship with the people they care for. They do everything with compassion and thoughtfulness while respecting your privacy, so you are given the dignity you deserve.

We take a holistic approach to your care

To provide the best support, everyone needs to work together. Our support coordinators consider each client as a whole person when designing their care. They bring together different types of support and services – from carers and domestic help to nurses, allied health professionals and therapists – to deliver a plan that truly cares for every aspect of our clients.

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