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Rationing and Neglect the Result of Residential Care Home Understaffing and Cost Cuts

A worrying new report, which was published recently in the Sydney Morning Herald, has highlighted the woes of those in residential care homes. According to the report, severe understaffing and cost-cutting at residential care homes have led to an increase in rationing and neglect. One residential care worker spoke out about how she and other staff members at the facility she works at have been told they must follow directions. This includes cases where the resident is in need, such as requiring changing.

The care worker said that staff had been informed that too much money was being spent on pads. As a result, they have been instructed to wait until residents are 75 percent wet before they can change them. She said that cost-cutting and understaffing at the facility had resulted in residents being woefully neglected and supplies being rationed.

One of many residential care home workers to complain 

According to reports, the Sydney residential care home worker is just one of many in the area to complain about issues such as these. Some have complained that even food is being rationed in some residential homes, which obviously affects the well-being of the residents. Many have said that providing the most basic care to elderly residents has now become a struggle.

Concerns about the level of care the elderly receive in residential nursing homes have already led to many facilities looking for home care for their elderly relatives. When it comes to home care Sydney residents are even more likely to favour this option over residential care after the release of this damning report. Many families worry about putting their elderly loved ones into a residential nursing home because of issues such as these. The revelations from staff members actually working in these environments will simply confirm their fears.

Worrying statistics

The statistics when it comes to complaints from residential nursing home workers are somewhat worrying. According to the report, around 58 percent of elderly residential home workers who were polled said that they had been unable to provide the level of care their residents needed. This was blamed on a number of factors but the key ones were understaffing and budget cuts. Officials are now urging the government to increase funding when it comes to the elderly residential care sector. This is to ensure that residents can receive the level of care that they need and that their quality of life and health is not compromised.

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