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The Definitive Guide to Dementia Day Centres

Dementia Day Centres play an important role in the care industry. Not only can they provide caregivers with a break from time to time, but it can give people with dementia the chance to socialise with others and participate in activities in a safe and constructive environment.

But what services do they provide, and how can you receive these services?

Dementia Day Care Services

Dementia Day Centres offer a variety of services, but these can vary from centre to centre. However, there are a number of common services that most will provide.

Health check-ups and nutritious meals are typically provided as standard, and some even offer nutritional education programs.

Most centres will also offer counselling for those with dementia and their families. These can offer a variety of support, such as information on outside services and how to provide the best care possible at home.

Visitors are also often provided with personal care throughout their stay. The types of care will vary, but most have showering and eating facilities, as well as areas for any specific care needs that individuals may require.

Yet the service that will likely occupy most of a resident’s time during their stay is the variety of activities they can take part in.

Be it music, art or drama, these activities can do wonders for people with dementia and can give them a chance to interact and socialise with others when they would otherwise be unable to.

Consider Your Needs

But while dementia day care centres can help people with dementia, it is important to note that many different people have many different needs. Ensuring you let staff know before your visit about any individual needs can help ensure your loved one’s stay is the best as it can be.

For example, if your loved one is confined to a wheelchair, make sure the centre has wheelchair access. If they sometimes have trouble socialising with others, letting the staff know beforehand can help ensure that activities planned can be completed as a group or individually if need be.

It is also important to note that people’s needs change over time. If you settle on a dementia day care centre, but after a while you feel it cannot meet all your loved one’s needs, do not be afraid to seek out another centre that can better accommodate them.

Getting in Contact

The government’s My Aged Care site is a good starting place to search for dementia day centres in your area, as it will allow you to enter your postcode to display all centres nearby.

Your local senior centre can also help with planning a visit, and talking to other caregivers about the centres they have used to help their loved one can also be beneficial.

Here to Help You

Maintaining independence is important, but a little help from time to time can benefit both you and your loved one. If you feel you do need some short-term help, dementia day centres are an excellent solution.

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